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             23 January, 2021

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Strong Foundations Make You More Stress Resilient

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2007-07-09 11:14:37     
Article by Christopher P. Brown

In the city of Plymouth in the UK stands a building that is completely out of place. Standing on what is known as the Hoe (a public area adjacent to the sea) stands a special lighthouse. It is completely out of place because it was a revolutionary design that was shaped to withstand batterings from waves and yet now it stands where no wave will ever reach it. It was the first lighthouse in the world to be shaped so that the waves would have less effect built by a man called Smeaton.

Built in 1759 it had stood on a notorious rock called the Eddystone for 120 years. Those who travel out to the rock today will see the "new" lighthouse (based on Smeatons design) and the stump of Smeaton's Tower which still withstands the terrible seas that assail it. This stump is so firmly fixed to the rock on which it stands that the workmen who tried to move it when the rest of the tower was dismantled found it impossible to separate from the rock on which it stood.

When we have to face stress and difficulties in life we need that same kind of connection to a solid foundation. The better the foundation the better we will be able to withstand the pressures of life.

What constitutes a firm foundation?

Love - that is friendships and strong relationships with family members. Being part of a group and having people around you who like and support you is tremendous when things start going wrong.
Society - having firm routes in society and playing a part in making society better. There is great benefit to your "self" if you can help others. Knowing you have made a difference can really make you feel good about who you are.
Health - eating right and getting good exercise contributes greatly to stress resistance. You don't have to become an athlete but the more you can do to promote health in your body and your mind the better you will be able to resist stress.
Spirituality - an appreciation of the "other" however you might want to define it for yourself. Getting more beauty and creativity into your life can help build a solid foundation. Those who participate in an organised religion find great strength from their beliefs. If you don't feel comfortable with anything religious then I recommend a good walk in the countryside and experience the great outdoors.
Be positive - having a positive attitude will give you a real boost when things start to go wrong. For most of us this needs to be worked on every day.

If you want to learn to resist stress and find more happiness in your life then build firm foundations.

Christopher Brown is a full-time Stress Management Consultant in the UK. To discover more visit his website at http://www.browncow-opportunities.co.uk where you can sign up for a free e-course called "Avoiding Burnout".

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URL: http://www.browncow-opportunities.co.uk
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