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             26 June, 2022

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How To Solve Your Toy Storage Problem Once And For All

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2007-07-08 11:15:20     
Article by Dian Dewi

One important thing to do as our child's toy collection grow is to devise a proper toy storage system and to train your child to have a good clean up attitude. Without these, it is a guarantee that your child's toy will take over your home and drive your sanity away.

If your child is anything like mine, there is a big chance that your child has a considerable number of toys. If your child has a lot of toys, to make toy organization easier, I recommend you to consider doing a toy rotation. This way, your child will only have limited number of toys to play at one time and therefore this technique is powerful to reduce the possibility of getting a large number of toys scattered around the house and makes the clean up time easier. In addition, this approach can avoid toy clutter in visible areas.

Further, toy rotation will make the toys feel new again and hence can increase your child's interest on them.


When all the toys are visible, kids get overwhelmed by the choices available to them. As a result, each one of the toys loses its individual value. By performing toy rotation, each toy will regain their value in your child's eyes and hence makes the toys more interesting.

So how do you do the toy rotation ? I recommend you to just bring out a few toys at a time, and store the rest away in non-visible areas, such as underneath your bed or in the closet.

Here is the list of how you can store and organize your child's toy:

by using toy chest or toy box.
by using shelves or bookcases.
by using little bins or baskets for storing little things on the shelves.
by using toy hammock for storing your child's stuffed animal.
by using small chest of drawers.
by using other creative toy storage solution, such as: buckets hung on the wall, suitcases under the bed, shoe bag behind the closet door, basket and big bins in the closet.
by using toy-specific toy storage system, such as using a specialized box to store Lego or construction toy set

When designing a toy storage system, it is important to consider a few things:

First, the toy storage unit should be easily accessed by your child so that she can easily take the toys out and put them back in herself.

Secondly, each toy storage unit has to be safe.

And finally when devising a toy storage system, it is important to have a system which is simple and easy to understand, so that your child will not have difficulties in cleaning up.

For more toy storage ideas, visit: http://www.best-child-toys.com/toy-storage.html Toy Storage Section of Best Child Toys website.

To avoid toy clutter, choose your child's toys wisely. http://www.best-child-toys.com/ezineart Read my free ebook on toy shopping here.

Dian Dewi is a webmaster of http://www.best-child-toys.com where you can get advice on choosing the best toys for your child.

Specialized in: Toy Storage - Toy Organization - Storing Toys - Organizing Toys
URL: http://www.best-child-toys.com
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