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             10 August, 2022

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Ace's Insights - I Have Immeasurable Freedom!

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2007-07-08 11:14:58     
Article by Hal Manogue

Dutch author Janwillem Van De Wetering was born in Rotterdam in 1937. His books and collections are well known throughout Europe and around the world. I found this wonderful piece written my him. It reminds me that life can be like the board game, Monopoly. It reminds me of being 8 years old and thinking how mighty a Monopoly win could be. It also reminds me that at 8, I knew it was only a game. But somewhere along the way the game became the rules of survival until I remembered I was nothing, and needed nothing but what I already owned: Freedom and Free Will.

The ability to think and make choices from all the probabilities available, is part of the game of life. There are many boards on the boardwalk of life, and they all lead to the same place. The fun is choosing which boards to follow, and what piece to use. Peace, love and happiness are on Baltic Ave, as well as Park Place, if I think they are. The joy is playing the game not in winning or losing. I have unlimited get out of jail free cards within me, to make my journey special and ever changing. All I need to do is use them. I can play forever and experience all I desire, by believing I can. As Van De Wetering says, I have immeasurable freedom.

"You are eight years old. It is Sunday evening. You have been granted an extra hour before bed. The family is playing Monopoly. You have been told that you are big enough to join them. You lose. You are losing continuously. Your stomach cramps with fear. Nearly all your possessions are gone. The money pile in front of you is almost gone. Your brothers are snatching all the houses from your streets. The last street is being sold. You have to give in. You have lost. And suddenly you know that it is only a game. You jump up with joy and you knock the big lamp over. It falls on the floor and drags the teapot with it. The others are angry with you, but you laugh when you go upstairs. You know you are nothing and know you have nothing. And you know that not-to-be and not-to-have give immeasurable freedom."

JanWillem Van De Wetering

Hal Manogue is a poet and author of Short Sleeves A Book For Friends. Insightful thoughts for the 21st century. Hal's 2006 collection and 2007 collection are available in bookstores and online. Visit Hal's website: http://www.shortsleeves.net or blog: http://halmanogue.blogspot.com/ for more information about his work and life. Download a copy of the new E-Book,"Unite To Write" a collection of articles written by writers around the globe, that will inspire and fill you with useful information. It's value is priceless. It's Hal's gift to you.

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