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How Lemon Laws Protect Consumers

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2007-07-07 13:30:46     
Article by Kelly Hunter

Many consumers have horror stories regarding to their buying a used car that ends up being much less then bargained for. These cars, known widely as lemons, are the cars that are bought and then promptly fail due to mechanical or body issues. A lemon can be a used car or it could be a brand new car. Because used car salesmen are known for occasionally selling these lemons the federal government of the United States has developed a set of various lemon laws.

Lemon laws are laws that protect consumers from these poorly sold cars, whether the car dealer knew it or not. While these laws have different variations (depending on the state of purchase) they all contain several of the same standards that can help a consumer extend their warranties or contracts. For instance, most states will require the warranter to pay your court and attorney fees if you pursue a lemon law court case.

The most common occurrence of lemon law cases happen with used cars purchases. If a consumer purchases a 'lemon' from a used car salesmen they can take action under two circumstances:

1. You can be compensated for the car's total price if your warranty included: A manufacturer certification (which usually means it has been at the manufacturer within the past year); an extended warranty through the manufacturer; or if there is any warranty left over from the manufacturer when you bought the car (many warranties last five years or a certain amount of miles).

2. You can be compensated if no manufacturer's warranty is one the car if the car: was involved in a natural disaster (flood, hurricane), stolen or has stolen parts, has a rolled back odometer, previously wrecked or if it is a 'laundered lemon', which is a lemon that has a history of mechanical problems, which the seller was well aware of.

However, none of the effects of the lemon laws will protect you if you have bought a car "as is", which is how most people buy used cars on the side of the road. When you purchase a car in this fashion, you will be held responsible for anything that goes on with the car, mechanical or not. As soon as money changes hands the car is under your protection and the seller is released from ownership.

While cars, used cars especially, are the most popular category under the lemon laws they are not restricted to only cars. Other protections according to lemon laws will fall under boats, RV's, wheelchairs, motorcycles and computers, among other things. You will have to check with your particular state because each state follows their own principles when it comes to these laws.

Lemon laws are there for the protection of consumers and their money and it is up to them whether they choose to pursue compensation for 'lemons.' Most consumers are unaware of their rights under these laws and therefore never pursue compensation that is rightly theirs.

Kelly Hunter is an a keen writer for http://www.lemon-law-center.org on Lemon Law with several years experience.

Specialized in: Lemon Law - Lemon Laws - Lemon Cars - Used Car Lemon Law
URL: http://www.lemon-law-center.org
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