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             26 June, 2022

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Selling a Home? Then The Company Is Coming Everyday

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2007-07-02 12:21:14     
Article by Karen Otto

I don't know about you but I wouldn't be too happy if I wasn't aware of my guest's daily arrival. If you're like me, when I host my company I want it to be an experience, relaxing, fun, entertaining and most of all, stress free. Now, what does this have to do with selling a home you ask? Well, I'll be happy to lead you through that door. Ready or not buyers are the company that come everyday while your home is on the market.

Let's set the scene and change the word buyer to guest:

These are important guests,
These are discriminating guests
These guests don't need an invitation (they already have one - from their Agent)
These guests will definitely open your closets and cabinets (and we know the horror of that - how many of us have thrown things in closets in a hurry when we get the unexpected phone call - "do you mind if we stop by?")
These guests have money
These guests have what you need and want (cash and a desire to buy a house)
These guests are looking for an extended stay - for life

You don't need to be a scout for Hotels.com to figure this one out.


All sellers should treat their potential buyers as honored guests, not unwelcome inconveniences. You've opened the door and welcomed them in through the MLS haven't you? If you are selling by owner the same rule applies. You are selling a product and you want it sold in the fastest time for the most profit, right? How can you easily make your home company ready? How can you prepare for the expected arrivals daily?

Staging is a way of preparing your home to be company ready everyday. Staging will not only present your house in the best possible condition but it also makes it easier for you to open your doors on a daily basis to the buyers and Realtors who will be walking through. Staging cuts to the chase and showcases your house and its best features that will attract buyer's attention. A home that is staged is a home that is easy to maintain and one that is ready for show at a moment's notice.

Staging is the way to make your home company ready everyday while on the market. Whether you hire a Professional Home Stager or do it yourself get started today. You and your guests be so much more relaxed that you did.

Karen Otto, ASP, IAHSP is the owner of Home Star Staging, a full service Real Estate Staging and Consulting firm located in Plano, Texas. While Karen doesn't sell houses, she knows what helps houses sell.
Karen is passionate about educating the Real Estate Community and Public on the benefits of home staging. Please contact her for your home staging questions and needs. Karen is available to the Real Estate Community and Media for articles, information and seminars on the home staging industry.

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