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Home Security Cameras Keep Homes Safe

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2007-06-23 15:04:45     
Article by Nahshon Roberts

You've had that niggling feeling for some time now. Your two-year-old son cries everytime you turn him over to his nanny. Apprehensive, you ask the woman you hired three weeks ago to explain your son's strange behavior. She gives you an explanation that sounds quite plausible. You buy it, of course. Why shouldn't you? You're desperate for someone to leave your son to. Furthermore, each time you are home, everything seems normal. The nanny seems devoted to your baby.

Still, you cannot shake off that bad feeling. At a loss for options, you consider installing home security cameras. You feel a home security camera will show you what your little son cannot tell you. You have no idea how home security cameras work, though, or what exactly makes them tick. Debating whether it is a good idea to install home security cameras, you ask around.

The major advantage of concealed home security cameras is that they're quite visible to anyone. So, you need not feel guilty about filming your nanny's interaction with your son. There won't be any need to tell her she's being filmed, not with the home security camera looming larger than life in front of her.

You discover from others that home security cameras have been able to expose incidents of child abuse from the hands of trusted caregivers. You are heartened by the fact that home security cameras are tools people use to catch thieves, record evidence of affairs and other suspicious activities, or pinpoint inappropriate attitude by trusted household members. Additionally, your worries about lugging around and installing in the ceiling some piece of chunky video surveillance equipment are completely squashed. You discover that home security cameras are, thanks to modern technology, available in a variety of shapes and sizes. These home security cameras come with features you can choose from, depending on your surveillance needs.

A quick browse of sites reveal that home security cameras may come disguised as stereo speakers, computer terminals, alarm clocks, or even smoke detectors. They may also be small enough to be easily hidden in everyday items like pens, mobile phones, shirt buttons, shoe buckles, and refrigerator magnets.

You are also delighted to discover that besides being used as a monitoring mechanism, home security cameras also let you check on your sleeping child or keep an eye on your 12-year-old daughter left home alone. Home security cameras can let you track down and crack down on the neighborhood kids who vandalize your property or throw toilet paper onto your backyard.

So, you get a home security camera. Two days later, you fire your nanny. You saw on video she eats up most of your son's food. She also leaves him to putter about on his own while she lazes back and watches TV.

The doorbell rings. You stop viewing the tape from yesterday showing the caregiver eating all the animal crackers straight from the box while your child sleeps in his crib. You get up to answer the door, relieved to have stopped someone from neglecting and potentially hurting your child --- even when you were not there when it happened.

Interested in home security cameras? Find out what to look for in a home surveillance system, such as a nanny camera, when you visit our site today.

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