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Treatments for Severe Depression and How They Work

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2007-06-18 11:12:14     
Article by John Gibb

Before discussing treatments for severe depression, we will take a look at what severe depression is and some of the symptoms. A description of treatments will follow. A summary statement will provide a concise view of treatments for severe depression.

Severe depression is ongoing and more serious than milder forms. It interferes with life and being able to function. Sleep disturbances either too much or too little have been noted. Eating disorders where one either eats too much or too little and extreme weight changes are also indicated. Interest in things once found very enjoyable is lacking including interest in sex.

Other symptoms include deep ongoing sadness, extreme anxiety, a feeling of being in slow motion, and problems with concentration/memory. Difficulty making decisions, irritability, and restlessness are also seen in severe depression. Headaches, digestive problems, or chronic pain that does not respond to typical treatments are also noted. Severe depression can occur many times over a life time.

Treatments for severe depression include some of the treatments used in treating milder forms of depression. Counseling or talk therapy, exercise, and pharmaceutical treatments are used. In many cases, a combination of treatments is used to get optimum results.

More intense treatments include ETC - electroconvulsive therapy or shock therapy is used in the most severe cases. A shock is delivered to the body inducing seizure activity. This releases chemicals in the brain to improve the interaction of nerves. An unfortunate side effect of this treatment is memory loss. Disorientation has also been noted. It is usually prescribed on a consistent basis either monthly or quarterly.

Vagal Nerve Stimulation - VNS treatment is invasive. A little pacemaker type device is implanted in the chest and delivers regular pulses to the Vagal Nerve that runs from the neck to the spine and controls mood. This provides relief for severe depression and is also used to treat epileptic seizures. Treatments for severe depression are usually multi-faceted using medication, psychotherapy, and other techniques like exercise and meditation to provide the most relief. Treatments are determined by either a psychiatrist or a family physician.

Treatments for severe depression can include psychotherapy, shock therapy, and Vagal nerve stimulation. Medication is or can also be used. Using a multimodal approach will hopefully provide optimum relief for the sufferer. If one is feeling depressed get help and know there are many treatment options available.

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