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Treatments for Depression - There is Hope With Treatments for Depression

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2007-06-18 11:10:36     
Article by John Gibb

Treatments for depression are available and offer hope to those who suffer from depression. There is a wide variety of treatment modalities available that have been proven to be effective in treating depression. On occasion, a variety of treatment methods are used at the same time. Various treatment options for depression will be discussed and a summary will be provided.

There are traditional treatments for depression. By traditional it is meant the treatments typically used in western medicine for Depression and other health related issues. Below are a variety of treatments for depression from mild to severe cases.

Psychotherapy is done on the premise that depression comes from irrational thinking about ones self. It is also known as talk therapy or counseling. The key for effectiveness is consistent sessions with a competent professional. Psychotherapy can treat depression on all levels. Psychodynamics is a method of psychotherapy that helps one to recognize and solve internal conflicts that one is maybe unaware of as well as solving childhood conflicts. Treatment is based on past experiences and attempts to change ones thinking that comes from them that cause depression.

Medicinal or Pharmaceutical treatments are given based on the belief that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. There are three types of medicines that are used in the treatment of depression. MAOIs monomine oxidase inhibitors, SSRIs selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, and TCAs tricylics are classes of depression medications. These drugs change the serotonin, norepinephrine, and other neurotransmitters in the brain. Pharmaceuticals may also include treatment with herbs. These medications can be costly and some have unwanted side effects.

There are other modes of treatments for depression which include ECT electroconvulsive therapy (shock treatments) where a shock is delivered to the patient inducing a seizure. It is thought that chemicals in the brain are released that improves communication between nerves. Vagal nerve stimulation is where a small pacemaker type device is put into the chest that stimulates the nerve that runs from the neck to the brain that is thought to control depression. These treatments are used for the treatment of severe cases of depression.

Other treatments include aerobic exercise, meditation, guided imagery or progressive relaxation among others. Herbal treatments are used in mild to moderate depression and have proven to be effective. Herbal treatments are coming from New Zealand that is the purest and natural remedies available. They are of pharmaceutical grade and contain the ingredients that they say it contains. The metabolic pathway of the ingredients has been examined molecularly and the interactions monitored to get the best possible effects.

Treatments for depression include Psychotherapy; Pharmaceutical treatments include MAOIS, TCAS, and SSRIS. Other treatments include ECT electric convulsive therapy (shock therapy) and Vagal nerve stimulation. Herbal treatments are available as well and there is herbal treatments coming out from New Zealand that are possibly among the purest and most natural, and are pharmaceutical grade. One or more of these treatments can be used or they can be used as a stand alone. Only a doctor can help guide a patient to the treatment that would best fit that particular patient.

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