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             28 February, 2021

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Complete Barbecue Meals for Your Family

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2007-06-14 11:33:01     
Article by Mila Sidman Alice Seba

The barbecue grill is a wonderful invention. When the weather is warm, you can leave the stove altogether and head outdoors. Here are a few ideas on how to prepare a complete meal for your family using only your barbecue grill.

The gas grill has many families grilling out several times a week. Gas grills are convenient and affordable. There are those that come with storage spaces and additional heating elements.

One way to cook a meal on your gas barbecue grill is to use grilling packets. Grilling packets are constructed using aluminum foil. With the creation of non-stick aluminum foil, using a grilling packet is healthier and easier than ever.

Grilling packets can be used for vegetables and other side dishes. Slice and season the vegetables and lay them in the center of a piece of aluminum foil. Fold the foil loosely over the center of the vegetables, creating a tent. Make a double fold with the two ends to seal the top of the packet. Fold each end inward to create a sealed double fold. Be sure to use heavy foil to avoid tears when shifting the packets on the grill.

Meats can also be placed in packets. Packets allow what's inside to cook in its juices. The circulating steam cooks the contents without drying them out. Make sure to keep track of cooking times to avoid burning your food.

Packets are a good idea when everyone wants the same thing but with slightly different touches. In this instance, each packet becomes an individual serving. Be sure to keep vegetables and raw meats separate to avoid cross-contamination.

Bread rolls wrapped in heavy foil can be warmed on the grill. Set them on the warming rack. It won't take a long time so keep watch.

Gas barbecue grills with side burners add another element to the grilling experience. Rice or beans can be cooked outdoors as well. The saucepan should stay covered to avoid bugs or insects flying into the pot. You can even boil white potatoes for a homemade mashed potato side dish. I would suggest purchasing a grill with side burners. The grill becomes more versatile.

Most grills offer an extra prep area on one side. This space can be used to arrange the food as it comes off of the grill. Each person can sit their plate there and have dinner served up with a smile.

Grilling is not the experience it once was. Now, barbecue equipment is much more user friendly. An entire meal (excluding dessert) can be prepared on the grill in less time than it would take in the house using a stove. And, there is a good breeze blowing outside.

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