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www.printeranywhere.com - the best service to print your documents with any printer across the world

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2007-06-14 11:08:31     
Article by Efraim Gershom

As technology is advancing new gadgets are getting discovered to make our life simpler. Computers and digital gadgets have made our life effortless. We use Internet to contact our friends and group peoples. We share many things with them and send them many files and photos. Lots of software are available that can help you to share your documents online. Printeranywhere.com is such website a rather a software that let you to print your document with any printer anywhere in the world. So instead of going to your friend's home you can log on to this website and can access your friend's printer to print your documents.
Many times in our home, we use to print many documents like important letters, profiles, papers, financial documents, and lots of other material. But what will happen if your printer is not working properly and you need to print urgent papers. You will defiantly get frustrated. Forget the frustration. With this website you can share your printer. You can also share your printer with your friends so that they can print their documents on your printer. Now instead of sending an important documents or files via mail, use this shortcut to print those documents directly on destination printer. And don't worry it wont take your time. Within a moment or so you will get your printouts ready. This free software gets install on your PC in minutes. You can also install this software on your laptop.
Printeranywhere.com is such a website that allows you to use your client's printer to print important documents about a deal that he/she wants. Only you have to set your user ID and the password and you are free to use any printer across the world to print your document. This wonderful little tool is the ultimate solution for long distant printing instead of those troublesome fax machines or file transferring. And don't worry you will never loose your document while you use this online sharing. It is not like an email, which forward the copied pages to the third party. So, your each and every document is safe and secure while you this sharing tool. The special industry standard encryption language is used to share your document within the two PC's. Hence, it prevents the misuse of the transferred information and maintains the privacy of your documents.
This free application is powerful enough to connect you with any printer across the world. Many printer scan document before they start printing. But here the Printanywhere.com saves your time by printing the document directly. One can find many reasons for why to use this amazing software to print the documents. With this tool you can ensure that the documents are not received only but you also have the hard copy of documents. It is the best way to print the documents directly instead sending the emails to your clients or friends. This useful tool will also help you to print directly photos on your relative's printer, so that you need not to go to his/her house frequently. If you like a specific printer quality and you don't have that printer but your friend does. Then you can ask him to share hi/her printer so that you can take out printings for you as well as for your friend.
This Printanywhere.com can also help you f your regular Microsoft Window Network is not working properly. You can ask to your friend or a third party to let you share their printer for time being. If you are working on an international project you do troublesome fax frequently, then you can use this for better and quick results. So, why to waste time on troubling printers instead of which you can do printing on your favorite printer irrespective of its location.
For additional information on the PrinterAnywhere service or technology, contact Efraim Gershom at (913) 312-1370 or visit www.PrinterAnywhere.com.

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URL: http://www.PrinterAnywhere.com
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