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Acai Powder Recipes for Enhancing Favorite Foods

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2007-06-13 10:51:26     
Article by Kat Lively

Maybe you've seen the bottled juices at your local organic market, or maybe you've seen websites touting the nutritional value of concentrated juice or encapsulated supplements. Wherever you find it or however you take it, chances are your body benefits from the enjoyment of acai. Juice, pulp, or powder, acai in any form is rich in antioxidants, tastes great, and is perhaps one of the more versatile fruits to use in recipes.

If you have a favorite smoothie stores, maybe you have seen a tub of acai powder alongside the other boosters added on to improve the nutritional value of the thick, fruity beverages. If you have a blender and the right ingredients, you can enjoy a healthful acai drink at home, without having to wait in line.

Tropical Acai Smoothie

7 ounces pineapple, orange, or other juice
½ cup soy milk or vanilla yogurt
one whole banana
one tablespoon of pure acai powder

Blend all ingredients together until smooth. Garnish with fruit if desired.

If you're looking for something more portable, why not try something to beat the heat on a blistering summer's day?

Low-fat Acai Pop

You will need Popsicle molds for this recipe.

Pint of vanilla or plain yogurt
1/2 cup acai powder

Mix yogurt with the acai powder until smooth. Spoon 1/2 cup of mixture into each mold. Freeze and enjoy.

If you prefer hot drinks, acai makes for a good late night treat:

Steamed Milk with Acai

6 ounce soy or reduced fat milk
one teaspoon of acai powder
one teaspoon honey
Steam milk in an espresso steamer or warm on stovetop, do not scald. Stir in acai and honey. Serve warm.

Any time of day, any time of year, you can enjoy the goodness of acai powder. Savor the taste, and feel the results.

Kat Lively is a freelance writer for AcaiGogo, pure acai powder in handy, easy-to-use individual packets, Rainfloresta, quality exotic rainforest products of health and beauty for the new age, and Guarana Gogo, guarana powder in easy to use packets.

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