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             08 August, 2022

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I Lost Close to 60 Pounds in a Year!

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2006-06-05 20:19:00     
Article by Dr. Leslie Van Romer

How would you feel about yourself if you could lose 30 pounds by this time next year? Little-kid delighted, don’t you think?

Better yet—how would you FEEL if you could lose those pounds without measuring, counting, starving, sacrificing, sneaking, and guilting?

How would you feel if you could feel full and satisfied while the pounds just slipped away? And what if you could feel better too with fewer aches and pains and more energy?

My guess? Better than delighted—maybe close to ecstatic? Well, that’s how Linda Ramsey felt when she lost almost 60 pounds in a year.

Linda had been overweight since the birth of her daughter—thirty something years ago. She was tired of being tired, and she just wanted to feel better. She knew she was getting older, and she wanted a better life for herself.

After Linda and I put our heads together (mostly hers and a little bit mine), she lost close to 60 pounds in a year and the best part—she has kept it off now for over 21/2 years. Have you ever noticed how easy it is to gain weight back after you’ve worked so long and so hard to lose it?

To Linda’s thrill and relief, her husband also lost weight—close to 40 pounds—and kept it off and completely got off his high blood pressure medication.

Linda tells me that she has lots more energy, feels better, and the best part—she feels better about herself. Recently, she had a rather serious health problem, and she knows it would have been catastrophic if she had been carrying around 60 extra pounds.

Does Linda get bored eating this way? “Not at all,” she says. “There’s less fuss, less mess, and I’m full and satisfied; not deprived in the least.”

How could she feel deprived when she is slimmer and fitter than she has been in years, and so is her husband. Linda has made her dream come true—to create a better life for herself and her husband.

What’s your dream for your body and your weight? What "dream-come-true" will make you feel good about yourself?

Now, right now, is the time to discover your own personal dream for yourself and make your dream come true for your body, one simple, common sense bite at a time.

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