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             23 May, 2022

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The True Colors of American Express Blue Card

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2007-06-10 10:35:21     
Article by Mario JR Churchill

Used primarily as a charge card back in 1958, American Express has definitely grown into a more efficient financial institution that renders more services to their clients, serving millions of customers worldwide.

From more than a million of credit cards that were issued since it first started its charge card in 1958, American Express today is growing each year with additional customers gaining notable satisfaction form its services. Dedicated to promote financial support to its clients, American Express has launched its series of blue credit cards to give way to those who wish to those who wish exceptional financial services and complimentary rewards program.

Reflecting the stable growth of the company, American Express blue cards created such a phenomenal hit that the company decided to offer four special blue cards for various choices. The unique benefit of American Express blue cards is that each type of card has its own remarkable advantage.

1. The Original American Express Blue Card

On top of the list of blue cards from American Express, the original American Express blue card is still the base line of all American Express blue cards. Although the new types of blue cards are considered more power-packed and may offer greater benefits, the original American Express blue card is still a good choice.

One of the greatest benefits you can enjoy with this blue card is its 0% APR or annual percentage rate. This means that you get lower calculated interest rates established on the main amount borrowed by an individual. This serves as the main baseline for the initial interest rate charges whenever the credit cardholder makes some transactions such as balance transfers, incurred balances, and cash advances.

On top of the other benefits, you can also enjoy tremendous rewards based on earned points. Best of all, American Express blue card does not have an annual fee.

2. Blue cash

Cash back rewards are always welcome scene for anybody who wishes to save more on their purchases. With Blue cash card from American Express, you can definitely enjoy higher percentages on cash backs. For instance, if other cards are giving you 2% cash back on your purchases, you can get as much as 5% cash back with American Express blue cash card. So you get 5% cash back on your bills, gas, etc.

3. Jet blue

Named after the Jet Blue Airways, the American Express Jet Blue cards are the perfect cards for people who travel a lot. With a jet blue card, you can easily accumulate points and use them to get free flights from Jet Blue Airways.

4. Sky blue

As clear as the sky, American Express Sky Blue card can give you clear rewards as stated in your fine print or some American Express brochures. The problem with most credit cards is that they offer false hopes to people who tried to earned or accumulate such points only to find out that the promised place did not turn out the way it was suppose to be.

The good thing about sky blue card is that it can even provide you places that the other credit cards have not offered before. Best of all, sky blue cards offer no restrictions. Hence, travelers can enjoy the destination place of their choice. You can also enjoy other privileges that only American Express blue card can give.

Indeed, colors may not say it all but with American Express blue cards hanging around in almost anybody's pocket, the credit card industry has definitely a long way to go because people will continue to enjoy cashless shopping.

Mario Churchill is a freelance author and has written many articles on various subjects. For more information on blue american express or to get a american express blue card checkout his websites.

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