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             20 March, 2023

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Have You Called Your Credit Card Company Lately?

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2007-06-10 10:35:11     
Article by Steven Turner

It is estimated that on average an American household gets one credit card offer each week, although it is said that this number is probably higher. So with this in mind when was the last time you called your credit card company to get them to lower your rate to beat the offer that you have just received.

Yeah yeah I know everyone tells you to do this but you never actually get around to doing it. Think about it though if you can spend twenty minutes doing this you could potentially save yourself and your family thousands yes thousands of dollars in interest.

So what is the deal? OK I received an offer this morning from one of the major card companies (not going to name them because lets face it they really don't deserve the extra advertising do they?) offering me 0% on purchases over the next 6 months. WOW! Lets give my card company a call and tell them that I am moving for six months.

I called them up and the first thing they told me was how important it is to build a relationship with them in order to secure a solid line of credit. OK that is fair enough, however they are currently charging me an incredible 27% APR which is no good as I can get the other credit card company to give me 0% over the next six months. "Is there anything you can offer me?" I ask knowing the answer is of course we want your business! Even though they would never need my business as they are huge.

Strangely enough they come back and offer me 3% over the next 3 months on my current balance as well as anything extra that I purchase on my card in the next 3 months. However after 3 months my interest rate will go up by a massive 27% again. Ahhh but guess what, I will get another offer from another company again in 3 months time so I will once again call my credit card company and get them to reduce my rate.

How do we know this works? It is in their best interest to give you a lower rate rather than see you go bankrupt and them lose the money that you have spent. Keep calling getting the lower rates and you will get yourself out of credit card debt.

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