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             08 July, 2020

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What Is Phone Unlocking And How Do Unlock My Phone?

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2007-06-07 11:17:55     
Article by Syed Abedin

Unlocking your phone has many benefits. I am going to list a number of them. But the dominant one is the price of the phone bills and internet charges.

On the high street, the internet, TV or radio, you must have heard about the different network providers (like Orange or O2) always competing with each other, to get you to sign up with there network. One company will give you one offer, the other another and basically they just keep battling out to be the top network so they can receive the most profit.

So anyway, if you have your phone unlocked, it means that you are free to use any network instead of just one network. This means if you want to sign with a better deal than you already have then you are free to do so.

Another benefit of unlocking your phone , which would apply to most people, would be if you were on holiday. Supposing you were lost and you needed to know where to go, then you could phone someone if you were out of credit. How? You could ask someone with a phone to use their sim card on your phone to make the call (obviously you would pay them for the call though, would you?). And because your phone is unlocked, you would need to match up your sim card with someone else's.

If your phone is unlocked, the network you go to might provide special offers. For example if you are an out-and-about person, who loves films, Orange have 2 for 1 cinema tickets when you top up at least £10 with them that month. Or you can also get 50% free minutes with special deals on your network provider.

However with all good things, as many people know, always comes a bad thing. And you guessed it : price. The price of unlocking your phone is probably the only thing that will put you off. It costs usually around £10-20 for the shops (say Carphone Warehouse) to unlock your phone within 20 minutes. However it will save you money in the long run. You can chop and change between networks when ever you like which is really useful.

Hi there,

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