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Communicating Better in your Workplace with a Networked Web Based Shared Calendar

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2007-06-03 11:10:47     
Article by David Pickette

In today's workplace the better organized a business is directly translates into hours and dollars saved. Having a shared calendar in your organization can easily save you time and money. So what is a shared calendar? How can it be used to save time and money? Is it expensive to implement and get running? What about updates?

To answer the first question, what is a shared calendar? It is an electronic means of networking co-worker's daily schedules together on their computers. At the beginning of a shift, a worker would login to a common web based application that would show their day at a glance. It would list all the scheduled meetings for that day, any new email messages, meeting requests, their contacts and a list of to-do tasks. From there the employee can open the calendar section with a single click. The calendar can be viewed on a daily, weekly, or monthly display, according to the preference of the user. The web based application can be setup for any or all employees of your organization as users. These users can also be divided into separate divisions within your company. The employees within these divisions can be setup to share their calendars with just a couple of clicks. With the shared calendar in place co-workers can setup meetings and tasks with a simple click of the mouse.

The second question, how can using a shared calendar save time and money? With a shared calendar in place with co-workers in your organization, they can overlap scheduled events, meetings or tasks on each others calendar with the different colors assigned to each employee. That way each employee can be up-to-speed with members within their division. To plan a project meeting, conference, consultation, lunch or assembly is extremely simple process by accessing a calendar with everyone's schedule on it. No more phone calls, emails, or leaving voice mail to organize and schedule meetings. More work can be done in less time. With any business time is money.

Sounds expensive? Putting a networked shared calendar in place in your business is quite simple and incredible affordable. A web based shared calendar can be setup in minutes, not days, weeks or even the months required with a client server networked application. With client server applications, one would have to purchase the base software application, then user licenses, and not to mention the overhead required to support such an application. On the other hand, with a web based shared calendar application updates are automatic and the shared calendar can be implicated for as little as pennies per day per user per month. A web based shared calendar function can be a win/win situation for any small business.

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