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Why Scripts Aren't Effective Enough to Stop Sales Call Reluctance

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2007-05-29 10:42:59     
Article by Tammy Stanley

Is a great script the answer to overcoming Sales Call Reluctance?

One theory in overcoming call reluctance is that there are specific methods to use when calling prospects in order to have the kind of discussion you desire or to get past the gate keeper and warm your way into the heart of the top decision maker. What I find curious is that the number of methods of just what to say to be successful is equal to the number of experts offering a program.

One expert will say,

"ASK for help; it is the best way to get your foot in the door."

But another expert will say,

"NEVER ask for help; that is disingenuous coming from a sales person."

One expert will say,

"ALWAYS leave a message, and make it creative. That way, you are sure to get a response and a sale."

But another expert will say,

"NEVER leave a message. That is a sure fire way to kill your chances of ever getting a prospect to buy from you."

Who are you supposed to believe? After all, they are all claiming to be experts.

Is there really such a thing as the perfect or the magic script? My theory is that it does not matter how savvy your marketing is or how clever the words are that you have assembled to say to your prospects, because a voice inside your head always insists that you do not have or know enough to make those calls. I maintain that what turned all those "experts" into experts with great cold calling techniques was not what they said as much as it was that they kept seizing the telephone day after day until they got comfortable seizing the phone, even when they were not comfortable.

You see, you can have a great way of saying things, and I do think that is powerful, but every time you call a new prospect, you cannot be sure how he or she will respond. And that is where the fear comes in. You are about to do something you have never done before. Yes, you have made other calls before this one, but you have never called this new prospect. As soon as the mind realizes that you are calling someone new, the nagging and brow beating begins...

"You cannot make that call now. You do not feel comfortable. Go get a cup of coffee and get ready for the call. Take a break. You are working too hard. You have already had some success today. Can't you ever celebrate your successes? Look at your desk. How do you expect to generate any more customers with your desk in such disarray? You need to get organized before you go collecting any more customers" etc., etc.

Here is where most people say, "Oh my gosh. Have you been following me around during the day? I feel like you know what's even going on inside my head." Actually I do not know what's going on inside your head, but I have paid close attention to what goes on inside my own. And I discovered a good number of years ago, that what goes on inside my head just is not that unique.

We all hear that nagging critic inside our heads.

Here is an assignment for you today:

See if you can catch that nagging little critic that rages inside your head just once today. It might be just before you are getting in the car to go somewhere. It might be right after you open up a restaurant menu. See if you notice it.

Becoming aware of that voice is the first step to freedom from it. And that is what I maintain is most beneficial and sure way to daily overcome call reluctance.

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