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             23 January, 2021

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Is George Noory Ruining Art Bell Show with Silly and Stupid Open Call-in Lines?

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2006-07-10 19:42:07     
Article by Lance Winslow

The Art Bell Show, which is now called; Coast to Coast now has a new host named George Noory. Unfortunately, many of the listeners have complained that the intellectual conversation on the show is now leaning very liberal and has become, a sounding board for socialist views. Further, many of the guests on the show seem to use the show as a Bush bashing opportunity to criticize the Bush administration.

This has turned off many listeners and I suspect that their viewer ships are going down not up, as they proclaim. Additionally, many listeners feel that George Norry is ruining the Art Bell show with silly and stupid open line call-ins, where people call up and tell about their nightmare dreams or that they saw Bigfoot. Not everyone is unhappy, but the more intellectual crowd is.

Many other people calling in are of such obviously low IQ, that many of the more intellectual people who used to listen to the show for intellectual input have turned it off. We recently discussed this in our think tank and it was almost unanimous that most of the members of the think tank no longer listen to the show at all.

It is becoming a bunch of poppycock and utter hokum due to views silly and stupid open call-in lines where complete inbred morons call-in in and say stupid things. Many people feel that George Norry has ruined the show, but all agree he is a very nice fellow personally. Although many people do listen because some of the guests who come on are O. K., but they are getting far and few between anymore. An end of an era perhaps. Consider this in 2006.

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