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My Favorite Resume Tips

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2007-05-28 13:42:20     
Article by Genie Leigh

Many recruiters can scan a resume in under 30 seconds and make a determination on whether to move on or not. Therefore, it's important to know what to do to 1) quickly showcase your strengths, and 2) show that you are a good fit for the job they are trying to fill.

* Use interesting words in your resume. Recruiters are used to seeing the same words used in resumes over and over again. You can stand out by using interesting words to describe yourself. Instead of saying that you have "excellent customer service skills", use a word like "stellar" to describe your strongest skills. Other interesting words: kudos, evolved, mastered, presided over, first-rate, first-class, unmatched, polished, veteran.

* Kick off your resume with a professional summary, or a written version of your elevator speech (a 30 second summary on your experience and your background) instead of the traditional objective statement. Objective statements can unintentionally restrict your options; a summary statement can open them up.

* Whenever possible, use the descriptors from the job description in your resume. So, if the company mentions seeking candidates with a "sense of urgency" and "attention to detail", make sure you slip those phrases into your resume and/or cover letter. Identify the key words from the job description or posting and add them in strategic places in your resume. Recruiters scan resumes for those key words, so make sure they are in there.

* Capture your key skills and areas of expertise in a table near the top of your resume. Depending on the job level, present between 6-18 snapshot statements that will summarize what you bring to the table. Do not duplicate what you write in your professional summary. This is the place to get more specific. For instance, "Project Management", "Data Tracking & Reporting", "Strategic Management", "Stellar Organizational Skills", etc. This is also the spot where you will want to showcase some of the most important key descriptors you find in the job posting or job description.

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