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Photography- What is in the Viewfinder?

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2007-05-23 10:28:21     
Article by John Peace

What you see through the viewfinder of your camera will be captured in the photo when you snap. So, before you snap on the shutter button, please make sure whatever is in the viewfinder is what you want to see and capture. To take great pictures, you will need to pay attention to the details on the viewfinder. Below are some pointers you can consider when viewing thought the viewfinder.

The subject. If you have decided to take a shoot, chances are you have already identified your subject of interest. Usually, using an autofocus camera will do the focusing for you. But the camera usually has its own system to focus what it should be sharp and what not to be. In the worst case, it may focus on the wrong zone which has nothing to do with your subject. If that is the case, you got to release the half-pressed shutter button and refocus again. Do not always let the autofocus do the job. Check on them.

Edges effect. What are the things around the edges of the viewfinder before you make a snap? Have you observe it or are you conscious about it? A loose hanging branch, a broken fence or an ugly pole sticking etc. You got to remove these clutter out your viewfinder before you snap to have a clean composition.

Off center. If you have been positioning your main object in the center of your viewfinder, try to move it out a little. Look around for good compositional picture, the subject is usually out of the central territory. This rule is usually applied to the rectangular frame of an SLR image. Position the main object in the center is a natural choice but you can dramatically improve the overall composition by shifting it out a little. Do not do the usual. Get out of the center!

Focus only on one main object. When you want to focus on one main object within the center portion of your frame such as shooting a tiny bud or a baby face, what you can do is to open up your aperture a bit. As you are aware, your camera will pick up whatever is within the viewfinder. A wider aperture will make the image less focus. With a wider aperture, the effect is that the central portion will be more focus while the rest in the background will fade away. Try playing with the aperture size and see the effect.

Capturing motion. If you want to have some motion effects, you got to have a slightly longer shutter speed. For example, if you want to have a blurred-out waterfall instead of a still shot. However, longer shutter speed means that you will need a tripod. Find a spot and set up your tripod, adjust you shutter speed and use your automatic timer to get the photo. How much of blurring or misty effect depends on the shutter speed. Try out different shutter speed to test the effect.

Light boosting. Typically in day light photography, you will have a very bright background and a dark foreground. However, in the automatic mode due to the day light, there will be sufficient light registered in the camera and the flash will not be triggered. To overcome this, you will need to balance up the light by manually turning on the flash light. In this manner, you are providing enough light on the foreground thus balancing up the overall light distribution.

Taking great pictures require effort and care. Before pushing the shutter button, make a quick survey on the viewfinder and adjust accordingly. In this way, you will be sure to remove unwanted details in your final picture. For more information, please visit Freelance Photography.

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