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             01 February, 2023

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Heirloom Machine Quilting

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2007-05-22 11:09:41     
Article by Heather Allen

In the quilting world, heirloom machine quilting is now becoming extremely popular. The reason seems to be a book by Harriet Hargrave's that came out in 1985 called Heirloom Machine Quilting.

It provides the user with a comprehensive guide on how to make hand quilted effects using a sewing machine.

However there is one tool that is extremely important for a person to help them produce the best heirloom machine quilts possible. This is the walking foot or even feed foot. It allows a person to develop their skills when first starting out using a machine to produce their quilts. Quite a few home sewing machines now come with a built in walking foot, or if they do not, then you can easily purchase one as an additional attachment to the machine you already have. However in order to know whether you can purchase a walking foot for your machine you will need to find out whether it has a low or high shank or an exception. This particular type of foot allows you to make both straight lines and gentle curving lines on your quilts, but if you are looking for something to create some more elaborate lines on your quilt there are other types of feet you should be considering for your machine.

A free motion foot, darning foot or open toed embroidery foot all allow the user to create either stippling curves or feathers on their quilts. These types of feet allow you to move not just forwards but backwards on the material also. Plus you can move in all directions.

As well as choosing the type of foot you want for your sewing machine you will also need to look for one which allows you the best visibility possible in all directions when using your machine.

But if you want to create the most beautiful pieces of machine quilting possible you will also need to ensure you create as smooth and flat a surface as possible around the needle itself. By creating a flat surface you prevent the weight of the quilt from pulling the needle in the wrong direction whilst you are sewing.

Keeping these factors in mind when it comes to heirloom machine quilting will help to ensure that you can produce the most beautifully crafted quilts possible. This will then in turn have people asking you just how long it took you to produce the handmade quilt they see lying on your bed.

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