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             20 January, 2021

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What Kind of Entertainment "Turns You On"?

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2007-05-21 10:22:07     
Article by Guy Citrinite

You might ask, what is entertainment? It ranges from the ridiculous to the sublime. A prime example is found in the lyrics of the well known song "That's Entertainment", which answers this question. Here are the starting lyrics:

"The clown with his pants falling down..."
"Or the dance that's a dream of romance..."
"Or the scene where the villain is mean,"
"That's Entertainment"

See what I mean? Can't you just picture the scenes described in the lyrics? If you know the tune, I'll bet you are singing it. Judy Garland used to and Tony Bennett does now.

It is such a broad subject that it must be broken down into dozens of categories because what pleases and delights, is really in the eyes and ears of the beholder.

Where do you fit in...what are your favorites? A seasoned professional booking agent might say, I don't care about the clown but I love Tony Bennett. After 40 years in the business, he might tell you that tastes are definitely varied and so are the reasons for booking and buying all the different acts, artists, bands, groups, comedians, tributes, etc.

Do you find yourself in any of these situations?

Your company is planning an upcoming event such as a kickoff, convention, new product launch, promotion, retirement party, birthday party....Does it require entertainment? Who or what should you hire...speaker, famous artist, comedian, dance band, tribute act...what would be best...what is your budget?

You are looking to book a concert do you book a soloist or a band, a big name artist or a rock group, is the theme country or contemporary, will it be held in a theater, stadium or club, what age groups are you catering to?

All of these options and more are available to you do you know the answers? Have no fear, you will after you review this article since you will discover "How To Book and Buy Entertainment Talent Even When You Don't Know How".

You can get a free copy of the report as noted above, simply by visiting: howtobook.the-info-space.com You will be able to receive it online for reading or downloading. It is suggested that you print it out and read it at your leisure.

Guy Citrinite is an octogenarian. He has been involved in internet marketing since Windows 95 came on the computer screen. Although he is new on the article publishing scene, He is becoming more prolific with each passing day.

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