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What’s Net Conferencing?

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2006-07-10 19:41:36     
Article by Arcane

Net Conferencing, also known as Web Phone Conferencing, is a powerful tool designed to connect people situated in different locations and aimed at sharing visual information in a real-time mode using the Internet. To taste what it’s like or to use it for some other purpose all you will need is an Internet connection, a PC and a phone line.

Today, there are a great number of various comprehensive solutions, programs that are offered by numerous developers of Net Conferencing tools. Among them are Microsoft powered Live Meeting and Net Meeting software. You can download them and make a trial to see how the thing works, both of the solutions have a free trial period, but if you decide to acquire a full version and make it a permanent instrument in your business, then you will have to pay for it.

With Instant Net Conference powered by Live Meeting subscription you are charged for the time that you actually used.

The areas where net conferencing is especially important and plays a vital role at the present time include business, education and even psychology. Net conferencing is used for launching various products, holding marketing meetings, seminar and corporate briefings; it is now an indispensable part of investor relations, market research and educating potential customers.

It gives an excellent opportunity to exchange different video and audio materials, slides, presentations, charts, slides and to arrange Q&A sessions.

Furthermore, the presentations, charts and other video and audio information as well as the record of the meeting itself can be saved for later to be watched by the persons who missed the conference.

Another advantage of the net conferencing is that you can choose a type of the net conferencing that better suits your needs. There are Instant and Reserved Net Conferences. With Reserved Net Conferences, which are to be booked and probably paid in advance, you can get assistance from a team of specialists that can help you to become well-versed in troubleshooting, conducting and joining Q&A sessions for example. They also offer a free-of-charge training session for leaders, who wants to get better acquainted with the features that the solution has in stock for them.

As for the Instant Net Conferences, they can be conducted without a reservation and at any suitable time. If you have a small group of collaborators dispersed around the globe or just at different locations within one country, you can increase the efficiency of fulfilling urgent and daily tasks by entering an on-line video conference call. That allows you to edit documents, create presentations and solve the problems as soon as they arise.

There is also a Replay Net Conference service. It is especially relevant when the partners are not able to attend the conference at the designated time. The meeting is recorded and then replayed via the Internet for twenty four hours seven days a week.

Net Conferencing is an interactive tool that comprises the features of all advanced communication methods of today, enhancing the quality of cooperation and contributing to the development of business.

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