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             25 March, 2023

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Fun and Passionate Vintage Jewelry Collecting and Hardware Clues

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2007-05-19 10:10:01     
Article by Beth Hendrickson

The Fun Of Collecting is in the Hunt for Beautiful and Affordable Costume, Vintage Treasures from Bygone Years. Know that in Whatever Direction your Collecting passion lies, Whether it be a Signed or Unsigned piece of Costume Jewelry or Vintage Piece, You MUST like the Piece you are Purchasing. The FUN part of Collecting is to OWN pieces you like and pieces you are proud of.

There are several Clues to collecting. Vintage Earring Hardware Clues...* Screw-back type earrings were patented around 1894, and were popular into the 1950's. * Clip-on type earrings were patented around 1934, and were popular in the 1950's & 1960's. * Fish-hook type earrings were used before 1900, and are still used today. * Kidney wire type earrings have been in use since 1870. * Threaded Stud type earrings have been used since 1890, but, are uncommon today.

Pin Clasps Hardware Clues ...* Locking C-Clasp, patented in 1901. Widely used for jewelry in 1910. Remains Popular Today. * Plain C-Clasps, uncommon today. Similar to the Locking-C, but, no spinning locking mechanism. * Tube Clasp, patented in 1850, used for jewelry only until after World War II.

Quick Tips For Purchasing ...* Be sure all the fasteners are original and are in working order. Look for older Screw-back or Clip-on Earrings. * Plain C-Clasps and the Tube Clasps usually indicate that piece of Jewelry is an older piece. * A long Pin Stem is often an indication of an older brooch or Pin. Vintage Pins sometimes have rivets holding the different layers together. * A Copyright Symbol usually dates the Jewelry piece after 1954. * So, shop, compare and beware.

Vintage Signed pieces of Jewelry are fun to look for. One even might find a booked piece that could be worth a lot of money. It can be time consuming researching a piece, but, in the end there is satisfaction, by being able to add a piece of vintage jewelry to your new collection or add to an existing collection, or, resell. One never knows what you may find. Whatever type of jewelry your looking for, you can find it...almost anywhere, yard sales, estate sales, even on Ebay. Have Fun and Happy Searching!

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