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Diamond Markets: What Are the Different Markets or Outlets for Diamonds?

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2007-05-19 10:08:26     
Article by James Greene

Jewelry is a type of item which can be purchased through various mediums. For the subcategory of diamonds, this is true as well. From high-end boutiques to smaller family owned jewelry stores which have called Main Street their home for decades, there are many different markets or outlets where one can purchase their precious gemstones. Some may wonder which place is the best to purchase diamonds and if there is any reason to choose one type of jewelry store over the other. The following will provide a brief overview regarding the different diamond markets and provide some insight for those who may be asking this question.

High End Specialty Jewelry Stores

If one has ever watched the red carpet portion of an awards show, they are sure to have heard the names of these high-end specialty jewelry stores on the lips of the celebrities. Stores such as Tiffany's, Harry Winston and Cartier all bring to mind visions of large, dazzling jewels. These high-end boutiques comprise one type of place in which individuals can shop for their jewelry. The pros to shopping at these stores include good reputations and excellent name dropping potential when it comes to telling others where your diamonds were purchased. However, some of the negative aspects which are concomitant with buying your gems at these glamorous shops include high prices and the fact that one is less likely to get a good deal on the same type of diamond which may be purchased for less through other outlets.

Large Retail Jewelry Stores

Another type of diamond market is that of the large retail jewelry store. These stores often permeate shopping malls and shopping centers throughout modern day America. They are the stores which one often sees on television commercials boasting great deals for one holiday or another. Some examples of large retail jewelry stores include Zale's and Helzberg Diamonds. Diamond shoppers who examine the goods at these types of stores may find a large selection and good deals in the end. However, larger retail jewelry stores may lack some of the personal attention which one can find in a smaller jewelry shop.

Independent Jewelry Stores

Individuals looking for that perfect diamond to purchase may also consider buying their item at an independent jewelry store. These stores are often family-owned businesses, handed down from generation to generation. Although the selection may not be as wide and varied as the options found within a larger retail jewelry store, these independent shops have a personal quality about them which makes individuals feel good about doing business there. Local jewelry stores may also be able to offer the buyer sales and deals on their jewelry purchases as they are not connected with a large corporation which dictates the daily activities and prices of the store.

Cruise Ships and Island Jewelry Stores

Another place where diamond buyers make their purchases is on cruise ships or at island jewelry stores while on vacation. These locations provide good options for tourists hoping to take a sparkling trinket home from their vacation however there are some things to be aware of prior to buying diamonds in this fashion. Cruise ships and island jewelry stores may have a selection which peaks the interest of shoppers yet the price which one often pays can be a lot higher than if they would have bought the gemstones through other outlets. As for the appraisal, the diamond may not be appraised for the same value that the island jeweler claimed that it would be once you get back home with it.

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