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             06 December, 2023

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Visit The Inner Room of Wealth

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2007-05-16 10:14:34     
Article by Peri Coeurtney Enkin

When you look at money what happens inside of you? Do you cringe or feel tightness in your chest? Do you notice tension in your jaw, your belly or your fist? Does money look to you as if it is an alien or a best friend?

Imagine for a moment that there is an invisible room. This is the room you can enter when you open your minds eye and visualize new possibilities for yourself. Consider a room where wealth is generated by the Creative Forces of the Universe on your behalf. A visit to this room can really make a difference in your attitude and in your bank account. This is how it works.


Imagine you are visiting Your Inner Wealth Room now. Bring your specific requests about money, wealth and prosperity. Imagine that you make contact with your own "Wealth Manager". This person oversees the inner wealth room of your life. Upon receiving your request your wealth manager immediately goes to work making sure that your choices are delivered to you.

You can visit your Inner Wealth Room when you want to bump up the flow of abundance in your life. You can also visit the Inner Wealth Room to see how things are shaping up, to ask for guidance or to gather insight on any issues about money that concern or worry you.

It takes practice at first - to visit the inner rooms of your life, but once you do you will never feel that you have to face your life alone again. There are unseen forces lending a hand in absolutely everything we do.

I know this is true in my life and I know it is true for you too.

Peri is the Founder of Creators Choice™Don't Leave Your Future to Chance! - Programs, Products and People Offering Personal Mentoring and Tele-Classes for the Practical Application of Universal Laws. The Turnaround - A Curriculum for a Fulfilling Lifestyle, Aware Entrepreneurs, and the Three-Step Process: Set Your Compass: THE CHOICE. Pick up a free report Get Unstuck Now and Listen to a free pre-recorded Tele-Class right now - Six Essential Steps to move from Victim to Self-Empowerment.

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