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             31 March, 2023

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Stereotypes and Creative Geniuses

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2007-05-15 10:10:37     
Article by L. Winslow

Many people believe that creative geniuses are outcasts of society and yet this is not really true all the time, although it is sometimes true and that's the stereotype has stuck. Yet, who is to say that one of the kids who does get along with everyone else is not also a genius? Who is to say that the true genius is being able to be all things such as;

*Good Looking (symmetrical features0
*Socially Skilled
*Super IQ

Just because someone is a social outcast does not make them a genius and just because someone is socially fine, does not make them a "regular person." If someone is too intelligent for the other kids then perhaps the other kids might feel jealous or uneasy around them and therefore they may not like to hang around them as much. A person who is outcast outside of a group may be picked on.

Yet a creative genius, should be able to overcome this situation and in doing so the survival skills to overcome adversity barriers may be part of the lessons that a creative genius needs to learn. After all, adversity builds character.

That is something the genius needs to survive more than anything else in a human society, thus once again; Self-Esteem, Ego, Strength of Character, Perseverance seem to be the key to success after all, whether one is a creative genius or not. Without that is there really genius at all?

If the genius is the imminent achiever, then go out and achieve, forget about the labels, who cares what anyone else thinks? They just think the geniuses abilities are magic, impossible, because they cannot do it and they think they are so wonderful that obviously if they cannot do it, well neither can the genius and therefore something is just not right.

The issue of a genius having to be an outcast of society or even in school is somewhat of a misnomer because the real problem is with the society itself to outcast an the individual or in the uneasiness of the school children who cannot handle someone who is much brighter than they are or different.

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