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             13 May, 2021

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What Kind of Genius are You?

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2007-05-15 10:08:51     
Article by L. Winslow

Are you a genius? If you are by now you have probably figured this out due to your normal interaction with the rest of the humans out there. Not long ago in an online meeting one of the members of the group asked me: So, I suppose, I must ask, what sort of genius are you?

Well like you I am not into labels especially when they are aimed against me! But the question is relevant. So what is the answer? Heck, I don't know who cares? I guess, by definition I would be an "Imminent Achiever Creative Genius" but what the heck does that mean? If we use this definition of an imminent achiever creative genius then we need to define "achievement" and without starting to sound like a lawyer, let's talk a little philosophy shall we?

The depth of an achievement in terms of perceived social value would be in the eyes of that particular domain and the concept's ability to solve a "crisis" problem which non-geniuses created due to linear thought. Folks are very seldom rewarded for their creative genius for preventing a problem in advance, because the crisis never occurred you see?

Interestingly enough considering this the goal of an imminent achiever creative genius is to achieve something that will never actually be noticed - pretty sneaky if you ask me. Intriguing job isn't it? In fact, you would not believe how many problems I solve by strategically placing information with specific people in the loop of a given situation preventing colliding circumstances from creating a rogue wave in their face.

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