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             12 August, 2020

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Non-English Speaking Workers, Another View

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2007-05-09 10:21:53     
Article by Michael Bahra

As I look back on the trip out west to San Diego, which I took the first week of April 2007, I couldn't help but think about the number of workers I ran across that did not speak the English Language. Obviously, communication was some what difficult, if not impossible. Among a lot of people this is a touchy subject. I mean, if your going to work in the U.S.and earn a living here, it would only be appropriate to speak the language. But instead of being angry about the situation, I decided why not put a positive spin on it and use it as an opportunity to educate myself.

Why shouldn't I make the effort to to learn the Mexican Language they were speaking? so that the next time I travel out to San Diego I will be able to communicate with them in their language, and in turn have a more pleasant experience. This would also benefit myself when I travel to their country.

I see it as a win-win situation. Learning languages in these days are much easier. From books and audio tapes to online learning. Online learning is what peaks my interest. I have visited several online sites and companies that distribute the software. They are all excellent programs. Many of the companies use the 4 basic language skills: Listening Comprehension, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. I cannot think of a more enjoyable or useful way of expanding your horizons, then learning a new language, especially online.

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