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             20 May, 2022

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Selling Quickly

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2007-05-05 10:13:03     
Article by Eddy Kicker

There is a simple truth in the world of real estate. It is ideal for a home to sell quickly. When homes languish on the market for months the home's attraction decreases and people begin to wonder why the home has not sold yet. Have you ever noticed a home that has been listed for months? Sometimes through several different agents and companies? It is unfortunate that this happens as the home's selling potential is severely decreased by this process. Homes that stay on the market for too long acquire a stigma of being problem homes. This is a bit of a misjudgment as one of the main reasons that homes don't sell quickly is that they are overpriced.

It is easy to see how this happens, people have a strong emotional attachment to their homes and occasionally they price their home according to this link. Unfortunately for these people, home buyers do not take this into consideration when purchasing a house. When deciding on a price for your home, there are several factors which should be taken into account. One of the most important things to consider is the location and what homes have been selling for in the area. No matter how fabulous a home is, it is unlikely to sell for $500,000 in a neighborhood where the average home is worth $200,000. Buyers expect certain things out of certain areas, there may be a few exceptions but this is true of most neighborhoods.

The CMA is still the best tool to use in the pricing of a home. The CMA compares your home to other homes that have similar traits and are of similar size that have sold recently in the area. From this baseline a good realtor will be able to guide you to the correct asking price based on the additional assets that your home has or things that the home lacks. If you are mindful of these things then your home should end up priced properly. Also remember that homes that are on the market for too long have trouble selling even with an adjusted price. So make sure that your home has the right price tag when it is listed.

Eddy Kicker is a REALTOR servicing the Greenville, SC real estate market. Eddy is a dedicated professional that offers the best in customer service and attention in relocation to Greenville.

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