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             24 January, 2021

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A Personal Professional Creed

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2006-07-08 22:36:36     
Article by Robert Curtis

A common topic of discussion these days is health. Natural foods, organic gardens, aerobic exercise, weight training, balanced diet, healthy this, healthy that, healthy, healthy, healthy.

You know what? It’s not a bad idea. It has caused us, as a people, to look more closely at ourselves and how we function. A closer look at our universe within, the many aspects, attitudes, and abilities we need and make active use of on a daily basis.

We also look with a greater interest at the ever expanding universe that surrounds us, and how it is effected by the events of our universe within.

We are concerned about our many “kinds” of health. Our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, and professional health. These are all important to our total well-being, and we really need to pay attention to each one of them on a regular basis.

I submit that there is one aspect of our professional well-being that we might focus on, from time to time. This would be our ethical well-being.

Sure, we tend towards being honest in what we do. But are we always “ethical”?

As individuals involved in network marketing systems, we are more closely watched by the eyes of the world. We are more closely scrutinized by our actions: things we do or don’t do. We are judged more severely because we are the best.

And that is good!

The people expect more of us because we represent so much more, as individuals and professionals. We know, more than most, that somewhere between wants and needs lays understanding, and it is our responsibility to share this understanding with our clients.

I would propose that we take the time to discover, for ourselves, our own Personal Professional Creed, or “PPC”. It could be something similar to the following:

(1) Honesty is always the best policy.

(2) I will never attempt to sell something that isn’t needed or wanted.

(3) I will always make a personal effort to properly explain my products and services.

(4) I will continue to study the products and services I have to offer so as to be knowledgeable about them when sharing them with my clients.

(5) I will not intentionally share an inferior product or service.

(6) Opportunity and value will create my clients. My consistent service will encourage them to remain my clients.

(7) It is important that I share, because what I have to offer will be important in someone’s life.

Wrestle with this a bit. It is an outward declaration of internal integrity and commitment.

Work it out in your mind and on paper. It is critically important that you write it down so that you may post it in a conspicuous place where you may review your PPC at least twice a day.

Success comes to those who plan. The joy of success is in knowing who you are. Review your PPC often to remind you who you are and why you do what you do.

Make the most of the experience.

You are the best!

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