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             08 December, 2022

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10 Tips - Download A Free Audio Book - Listen On Your MP3 Or Burn An Audio Book CD On Your PC

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2007-04-28 09:12:38     
Article by Michael Rose

Audio book sales have exploded to over 15% of worldwide book sales: given their convenience, this percentage is set to escalate dramatically. What's the reason for this unprecedented popularity?

Ten tips put you right in the picture:

1 Almost every kind of book worth reading is available as an audio book.

2 Audio books actually cost less than the printed version of the same book.

3 Audio books are great for "multitasking". You can drive to work or take the commuter train to the office, or do your aerobics or take the dog for a walk, even paint the house while listening to a book. Or while learning: there are many educational titles.

4 Audio books are supremely portable: As well as making music mobile for you, your mp3 player enables you to carry whole books around as well.

5 The best audio book advantage is that you can 'read' it anywhere you can wear earbuds

6 If you don't have an mp3 player, no problem. Use your IPod.

7 No IPod? No PDA? No, problem either. Download the free book on your PC: listen to it on any headset or your computer speakers.

8 Burn an audio book onto a standard CD using Windows Media Player, listen in the car on the way to the golf course.

9 Any audio book title can be downloaded immediately your purchase is completed.

10 The leading online audio book store is open 24/7, just scroll down for the direct hotlink.

Leisure time is at a premium, things just keep on getting busier every day, but once you have listened to an audio book, you'll want to hear more. With thousands of titles available, in every possible category, any time can become listening time to enhance your life.

There's the BBC comedy audio book for example: it's good for a great giggle for one whole hour. Join the revolution in online reading, now. Get it while it's free.

Why not listen online now? Head over to the link here now and download a free audio book. Then you will really appreciate just what I am on about.

Mike Rose is an architect in New Zealand: he's busier than ever in retirement, enthusiastically operating a leading online audio book store. Check out the free books at Audio Books 2 GO and listen to a free sample of any book that grabs your attention. Email address is available on the store website.

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