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Edwards Fire Alarm - To Protect Your Family and Property

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2007-04-19 09:26:24     
Article by Tanya Turner

You can get a smoke detector in any supermarket, but safety of your home it too important to trust just any brand. Even if you are looking for an inexpensive fire alarm you need to choose a reliable brand. Edwards fire alarms is the choice of many people, who want to make sure that the alarm will alert them when there is danger.

Most people think that if they are careful, a fire will never happen touch their home. But the truth is that fire can start in any house. Most common causes are electrical appliances like coffeemaker or iron that we forget to turn off. But sometimes something as simple as faulty wire can start a fire.

Why do I need a fire alarm?

Your probably think that if you feel and see smoke in any of your room, you will notice it straight away. And you will if you are awake at the time. However, fire can sneak up on you when you are asleep. Actually you might not wake up until it is too late. If the house is full of dark smoke, fire is way out of control. For a person who just woke up it might be difficult to find a way out even if you know your house very well. People simply get scared and panic. Most deaths during fire actually happen not from burning but from smoke inhalation. A person simply passes out and can't make it out of the fire.

To avoid anything like that happening in your house you will need a good fire alarm. There are many respectable fire alarm manufacturers, Edwards fire alarms are among the most reliable.

Edwards fire alarm bells will alert you if there is any sigh of a smoke. If you are asleep, the sound of fire alarm is loud enough to wake you up, so you can put the fire out.

Types of Edwards fire alarms

You can get all types of fire alarm equipment by Edwards which includes:

- Smoke and heat detectors

- Fire alarm panels

- Horns and strobes

- Fire alarm boxes

Most common are heat and smoke detectors. There are two types - photoelectric and ionization Edwards fire alarms.

Photoelectric alarms are very good at detecting smoke. So it is suitable for places that will produce a lot of smoke when burning. To avoid false alarms you will need to keep your smoke detector clean from dust and insects.

Ionization fire alarm is cheaper than the photoelectric ones. They are triggered by the invisible particles caused by combustion. This style is good for places where there will be no visible smoke during fire. These alarms are effective and cheap, but they have two disadvantages. First, it uses radioactive material, so you should be careful with them. Second, it is not recommended to put this type in the kitchen - you will constantly hear false alarms.

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