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Home Surveillance Systems and the Internet

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2007-04-18 09:30:48     
Article by Bernard Pragides

Before the Internet grew in popularity, people had to rely on expensive home surveillance systems in their homes to keep tabs on their property, family and even identity, with people roaming through trash cans seeking old bills and bank statements to commit identity theft with them. However with the Internet and advanced technology, now you can keep an eye on things from no matter where you are in a much more affordable manner.

To set up a good surveillance system, you basically need the necessary hardware, a reliable high speed Internet connection some common sense and sense of adventure setting everything up and in place. Note a dial-up Internet connection won't work because you'll need faster speed for video surveillance.

You can set up your system with a personal computer where various home surveillance cameras are connected together threading your surveillance system to survey surrounding areas, record visuals at a set rate per second or via motion detection. You computer can play your video recordings via your monitor, recording video to the HDD (hard disk drive).

Note you can connect your computer to the Internet via an Internet Service Provider(ISP) so that you can watch your video from anywhere. Simply log in to your computer system with your username and password. Or log in at whenever you want and work on your computer or watch your video shots as your computer's surveillance system has the sequenced.

Another system solution that may be easier is to check on your home via a single surveillance camera. You simply set up your camera through your Internet Protocol (IP) address. Then you just check on things, linking directly to your IP. And when you have your IP address up and running, you can actually see live views through the camera, similar to a webcam and streaming video 24/7.

Regardless of which system you decide to set up, both are fairly easy and inexpensive systems and operations. However, the second way is easier to get set up and to use. Benefits of both are that you can log in at any time to check status. Plus you can check video recordings whenever you like and change your settings.

So look into taking care of your property more closely. By investing in a surveillance system with Internet access, you might just prevent more identity theft down the road - and more than once, meaning that your system will pay for itself many times over.

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