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             28 February, 2021

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Best Way to Lose Body Fat - Is There Really a Magic Solution?

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2007-04-15 09:23:59     
Article by Tom Gifford

If you are looking for the best way to lose body fat, odds are that you feel as though you are on information overload.

Every magazine, commercial, infomercial, etc. all has their own information about the best way to lose body fat.

So is there really a magic solution for the best way to lose body fat?

The answer is yes. But, it is not going to come from ordering something from an infomercial or some other miracle product about how to lose body fat.

Whether you have to lose 5lb or 50lbs of body fat, the rules are still the same.

Lets take a look:

1. You need to take in less calories than you currently do.

For some people, they just need to realize that they are eating way more than they think they are. A large percentage of losing body fat all comes down to your food choices. You can record your daily intake for free at:


If you are someone who has tried all the fad diets, weight watchers, nutritsystem, etc., then this concept is something you are familiar with. If you have tried and failed with all the major diets, then you know that you need some extra help with how to lose body fat. If this sounds like you, then unless your daily lifestyle changes nothing else will.

When it comes to the best way to lose body fat, willpower and quick fixes are just not enough.

Losing body fat once and for all comes down to all around changes that you need to make in your life.

2. You can make "ok" food choices and exercise, but still not lose fat.

This is where losing body fat gets very specific. If you are making food choices that do not consist of taking in less calories, then losing body fat is going to be very difficult. Creating that caloric deficit is really where you start to lose body fat.

Also, you can exercise and still not make any progress. That is because most people exercise the wrong way! If you want to lose fat, then long same speed cardio routines will not help very much. You need to try strength training and doing a certain type of cardio called interval training.

If you have great food choices, strength train, and change your cardio routine to interval training, then your body will burn fat naturally from a combination of a caloric defecit and a raised metabolism.

You can lose body fat without the fad diets and informercial gimmicks! It just takes the right tools to help you do the right things mentally, with your food choices, and with exercise.

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