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             10 August, 2022

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Eilliptical Machines at Discount Pricing

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2007-04-12 09:03:28     
Article by Jim Kesel

Purchasing an elliptical machine at a discount requires that you spend time to learn details of each model you are considering. Granted you are looking for a good machine at a good price but you must be careful that you are not penny wise and pound foolish when making a decision to purchase. You absolutely must do your homework.

Elliptical Machines that cost less than a $1000.00 are in general considered less reliable then the higher priced models. How you are going to use your elliptical machine is a very important consideration. If you weigh less that 150 lbs and plan to use your elliptical machine for 20 minutes three or less days a week then you have more options and choices. If you are on the heavy side and do an intense workout of 30 minutes or more on more than 3 days a week your options are considerably less. You may want to consider purchasing a higher quality elliptical machine.

Discount elliptical machines do not have to be poorly made products. If you are considering an off brand of elliptical machine then you must look closely at the quality of each model closely. Remember quality and durability come first before you consider features. However you must consider the fit of the elliptical machine as well. The stride length and smoothness of the elliptical machine will determine your comfort level. Comfort level is very important when doing cross training. If you feel comfortable during your workouts then you will more likely continue your exercise fitness program.

A good source of elliptical machine information can be acquired by reading consumer reports. They have done extensive testing on a wide range of elliptical machines including discount models. Feedback from purchasers is another source of good information. Many discount sellers like Amazon.com allow purchasers to rate the products that they sell. A simple search of the Internet may also provide valuable clues to a products quality and durability as well as its benefits.

Elliptical machines should be tested prior to purchase to see if they meet your expectations. This can usually be done at a local retailer. Most discount elliptical machines are sold by large discount retailers that have display models set up in their stores. You should ask permission to test out the elliptical machine prior to taking it for a ride. Even if it is not the exact same model you are considering but the same brand name it may be worthwhile to take it for a test ride. Be sure to ask the sales people if they are having problems with the elliptical machine model you are considering. They will know what models people like and dislike and what brands are being returned for service.

Elliptical machines are like any other piece of fitness equipment and should be purchase with an extended warranty. In fact the more discounted the elliptical machine is the better the warranty should be.

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