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             28 January, 2021

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The old Oracle of Delphi in the new Eco-cult of Al Gore

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2007-04-05 08:00:49     
Article by Mohammed Walji

The original earth goddess cult at Delphi in ancient Greece has many similarities with today's eco-fascist earth loving cult. Both are pagan. Both rely on unscientific methods. Both are regulated by a high priest caste. Both extract monies for their 'prophecies'. Both provide gibberish dressed up as intelligence. Both desire to manipulate politics for monetary advantage. Both are deranged. Yet the Romans had to good sense to shut down the Oracle at Delphi in 390 AD. I wonder if we have the good sense to shut down the modern version of the earth goddess cult?

Al Gore's and the UN's new version of the Delphic Oracle goes something like this. We, the earth-cult pagan society, will decide on all affairs. Political, military, financial, civilian and economic issues must be given to the high priest earth-goddess cult, to be vetted and approved by Gaia. Once approved the elite will bless the policy and monitor its implementation. If you, the toiling knave, do not follow the high priest's dictates, then you will be destroyed or at least taxed to death. You must obey and interpret the earth cult oracle, not question or doubt it.

The similarities with the paganism that helped shaped the Greek and ancient world from 1700 BC to 390 AD [a long 2.000 years] are rather obvious, and are extremely unnerving.

Looking back through history we can laugh at the cults but maybe our laughter is misplaced. Islam? Why would anyone accept that a moon symbol is a god, and that this so-called god only spoke Arabaic to an illiterate war-monger named Mohammad? Yet this nonsense of a cult is the greatest threat to civilization since the rise of the twin fascisms of Hitlerism and Russian Communism [yes fascism is an extreme left-wing ideology]. The earth-cult? Why would any ancient Greek run off to a mountain near the Corinthian Gulf and ask some half-clad hot looking chick for a prophecy or a forecast of the future? Surely men are more rational than this. Then again apparently not since the earth-cult had great influence in ancient affairs sometimes dictating the entire fates of empires and the direction of history and even today tawdry chicks command respect out of any proportion to their actual societal contributions.

Like today's Al Gore-David Suziki-UN eco-fascist cult, the Delphic oracle was considered to be the center of the world. Built on top of two geological fault lines the oracle emitted various gases including ammonia and C02 [can you imagine the UN's annoyance at this]. In combination with a lack of oxygen these gases could induce a trance like state. Added to these natural phenomena, the scantily clad priestesses would chew on herbal drugs duly stoning themselves, which added to the natural euphoric state. No wonder they spoke a lot of gibberish.

Yet people came from all over Greece and beyond to have their questions about the future answered by the Pythia, the priestess of Apollo or one of her associates. Their answers were usually so vague as to be meaningless but the superstitious ethos of the time, and the great desire to propitiate and ingratiate mother Gaia, meant that all utterances from the center of the earth were taken as serious proclamations. It was this mystic cult worship that kept Delphi in power and relevance. All the Greek gods were represented and worshipped there, and they were all connected to Gaia and the birthplace of the world.

Each year thousands would pilgrimage to Delphi - a great boon in taxation, wealth and trade for the town. The earth-cult thing was a great shakedown and the people at Delphi knew that as long as the oracle was the center of the cult, their small town would remain incredibly wealthy. In fact the adornments, statues and wealth on display at Delphi were so fantastic that 2 Roman emperors sacked it, carrying off literally thousands of items back to Rome - and yet much wealth still remained.

Like the current eco-fascist earth cult, the Delphic oracle was rather hypocritical. In 480 BC as the Persians were advancing into Greece the oracle was supposedly pro-Greek in its prophecies. As the Persians advanced into central Greece and threatened Athens the oracle began to change political allegiance and began forecasting a Persian victory. With the Greek naval victory at Salamis in 480 BC and later at Plataea in 479 BC the oracle reverted to its usual pro-Greek interpretation of geo-political events. This subtle change in orientation was not lost on the ancient Greeks at the time.

But you can forgive the ancient Greeks their subservient paganism and support of an earth cult. The scientific method, the rational revolution, the Enlightenment and the creation of the modern world, built in part upon ancient Greek ideas were of course not existent during the Delphic cult. In the modern age of scientific inquiry, logical discourse and rigorous methodology the question has to be asked, 'what is our excuse?'

The only answer might be that the earth cult and other primitive paganisms are still as attractive today as they were 2000 years ago. Simplistic answers, simpleton solutions, and simple programs to make sense out of reality and the world, still exert a fascination. That is why it is safe to say that the human genome has not undergone much in the way of change in the past 100.000 years.

Maybe Al and the UN should move the earth cult center to Delphi? If they do please at least replace Al with a scantily clad hot looking Greek chick.

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