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             23 January, 2021

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PDA and VPN Treo Troubleshooting Guide

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2007-04-04 08:53:29     
Article by Aaron Adams

SIM Cards hold programming information for the GSM network along with all personal settings and data.

Palm Desktop Software

The software included with the Treo installs the drivers that enables synchronization with Palm Desktop software or Microsoft Outlook for Windows or the Microsoft Outlook Exchange server via Goodlink Service

Goodlink gives you

Full Outlook like functionality

Secure Over The Air Management

Expanded handheld security with Goodlink Compliance Manager

Available in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish

World-wide coverage with Global Connect

Adjusting the Screen Contrast

Depending on the lighting conditions where the Treo is being used, the screen contrast and brightness may need to be adjusted

Press Applications Launcher

Choose the pick list in the upper-right corner, select All

Choose the Prefrences icon

Choose the pick list in the upper-right corner, select Display

Choose the brightness slider, and use Left and Right to adjust brightness

Choose the contrast slider, and use Left and Right to adjust contrast

If the Screen Appears Blank and/or Locked up

Look closely at the screen

If there is a dim image, try adjusting the screen contrast and brightness

If that doesn't work, perform a soft reset

If that doesn't work, connect the Treo to the AC charger and perform a soft reset again

If that doesn't work, perform a hard reset

Performing a Soft Reset

A soft reset is similar to restarting a computer

If the Treo is not responding or having trouble synchronizing with the computer, a soft reset may help

Unless the battery is extremely low, a soft reset should not affect data

Unscrew the stylus tip to access the reset tool

Use the reset tool to gently press the reset button on the back of the Treo

System Reset

A system reset, also called a safe or warm reset, tells the Treo to stop what it's doing and start over again without loading any system extras

If the Treo loops or freezes during a soft reset, a system reset may help

Performing a system reset allows getting out of an endless loop in order to uninstall a third-party application causing the looping

Unless the battery is extremely low, a system reset should not affect data

If performing a system reset and disable conflicting applications is needed, always end the process with a soft reset

This returns the Treo to normal operation

Performing a System, Warm, or Safe Reset

To perform the System Reset (AKA Warm Reset, or Safe Reset)

Unscrew the stylus tip to access the reset tool

While holding Up , use the reset tool to gently press the reset button on the back of the Treo

When the Palm Powered logo appears, release Up

Perform a soft reset

Some features, such as Wireless Mode, are not available until this step is completed

Performing a Hard Reset

A hard reset erases all data and third party software on the Treo

Never perform a hard reset without first trying a soft and system reset

Previously synchronized data can be restored with the next HotSync operation

A hard reset can show if a problem stems from the Treo or an application installed on it

Hard Reset Steps

Unscrew the stylus tip to access the reset tool

While holding the Wireless Mode button, use the reset tool to gently press the reset button on the back of the Treo

When the Palm Powered logo appears, release the Wireless Mode button

When the warning appears, press Up to confirm the hard reset

Turning Wireless Mode ON

Wireless Mode connects the Treo to the service provider network so that phone calls can be made and received, and use other wireless services can be completed

Press and hold the Wireless Mode button to turn on Wireless Mode

At this point, Wireless Mode is on and the user is ready to begin making and receiving calls and using the Internet features (if supported by the local network)

Turning Wireless Mode OFF

When Wireless Mode is off, the Treo is not connected to the service provider network

Other Palm OS features can still be used

This is ideal for airplane flights and for maximizing battery life

Press and hold the Wireless Mode button again to turn off Wireless Mode

There will be a series of descending tones and a Goodbye message appears on the screen

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