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3 Causes of PC Crash and How to Fix Them

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2007-04-04 08:53:02     
Article by Nash Trout

PC Crashes are caused mainly of the following:

Inappropriate Software drivers for a new hardware or inappropriate hardware
Virus attacking the Windows operating system
Corrupted Windows Registry

If you have recently installed a new device, for example, a new TV PCI adapter, check to see if the software drivers you have installed are appropriate to your particular hardware configuration. You will be able to tell if it is the one causing the crash if after you remove the new hardware physically, your computer stops crashing. To resolve this, you have to check with the hardware vendor what appropriate software driver for your PC is. They could have an updated driver for you to download to fix a bug to the software driver.

A virus, spyware, or trojan attack can also be the cause of a computer crash. These viruses commonly attack the Windows Operating System core files like the ntdll.dll and ntoskrnl.exe files. Viruses come from clicking on an unknown link or opening an attachment from an e-mail. Always keep your anti-virus definition files updated to be able to detect and clean the latest PC virus infections.

Windows Registry corruption is also a common cause of PC crash. Frequent installation and un-installation of programs and corrupted software drivers lead to corrupted Windows Registry. The Windows registry, stored on your PC in several files, records the relationships or links between hardware, memory space, and addressing. If these links are broken, your PC will malfunction, hang or crash. A good Registry Cleaner tool is needed to automatically restore these links.

Manual registry cleaning using regedit is not recommended since setting those data type and values manually is also one of the main causes of invalid links in the registry.

Recommendations to fix and prevent computer crashes:

Install new hardware with the latest software drivers from the hardware vendor. Check hardware compatibility with your existing PC.
Always keep updated on Microsoft Patches to prevent security vulnerability attacks on the Windows core operating system.
Run Registry Cleaner tool regularly, at least once a week, to clean any errors on the registry.
Always keep your Spyware removal tool and anti-virus software updated of latest spyware and virus definitions. Regularly scan your PC and remove spywares and viruses.

Check out more PC tips at Digital Hub Tips and find out more information on fixing PC crashes and Windows registry cleaning.

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