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To Cable, Or To DSL - That Is The Question!

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2007-03-29 08:41:05     
Article by Devin Morrison

Tired of your slow dial-up connection maybe it's time for something faster! How about DSL, or maybe Cable? Both are much faster than a dial-up connection, and DSL right now is starting at around what dial-up costs. So let's take some time and see what exactly the difference is and which one will suit your needs.

This is all based on my experience in working in the business for almost seven years and using both services. First, DSL which stands for Digital Subscriber Line comes into your home via the phone lines which make installation a breeze in that most homes have a phone jack in every room.

Your local DSL provider sends you a DSL modem, filters, Ethernet cable, and an installation disk. The modem is connected to the phone jack in the wall and there's an Ethernet cable that connects the modem to the computer. The filters go on the phone lines you use for your phones. Since your DSL operates at a higher frequency than your normal phone call they can coexist on the same line. The filters help to keep the buzzing noise down when making calls. Now a day's most computers come with Ethernet cards built in. After everything's connected power up the modem and throw in the CD!

Now your broadband cable is a little different in that it uses a Cable modem and comes into your home via a Coaxial cable from the pole outside. Now here's the hiccup in my opinion older homes at least don't have a cable jack in every room so some additional installation my be required, or using a wireless router could make things easier. Usually your Cable Company will bring the cable into the room where your computer resides. Connect a coaxial cable from the jack to the Cable modem and connect the Ethernet cable from the modem to the computer. Power up the modem and throw in the CD!

Performance for raw speed is Cable as long as you don't have a neighbor that is downloading everything under the sun from morning till night! DSL is a more dedicated connection not being shared like Cable. DSL is limited to 15,000 feet from the Company, so call for availability. Both services work extremely well and blow dial-up away! You can email me at david.m.morrison@comcast.net and also check out my website at http://www.dsl-cable-broadband.com

I have been an owner of a small ISP/WISP for over six years. I enjoy working with computers and setting up wireless networks. My greatest distance for a point-to-point wireless connection was 45.9 miles for a local TV station.

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URL: http://www.dsl-cable-broadband.com
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