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Espresso Cappuccino Machines

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2006-07-05 21:13:48     
Article by Seth Miller

While espresso is pure coffee and water, cappuccino can be best described as one-third steamed or frothed milk and espresso. Cappuccino is prepared using milk and espresso. Like espresso, it is an Italian beverage.

One of the most important elements while preparing cappuccino is the temperature and texture of the milk. One of the best ways to create cappuccino is to create microfoam. Microfoam is created by introducing thin air bubbles into the milk.

Most machines which prepare espresso can prepare cappuccino too. Like espresso, cappuccino requires a pressure of at least 9 bars of pressure. The pressure is created by a pump. Cappuccino making machines also either have a thermo block or a heater/boiler.

Some cappuccino makers also have a specialized milk frother. This separate milk boiler is accompanied by a frothing wand, which makes the switch from an espresso maker to a cappuccino making machine complete. The thermo block is a heating element. Water is passed through the thermo block while on its way to the pump.

Usually, boiler machines are much more expensive and take a longer time to heat up, and also take up a lot more maintenance, as compared to machines with a thermo block.

Cappuccino making machines are made up of stainless-steel boilers, two thermostats, water reservoirs and two nozzles. The water reservoirs can be up to 40 ounces. Self priming cappuccino machines can prepare single or double shots of cappuccino within minutes.

The right temperature and pressure are the most important factors while making espresso or cappuccino.

Some machines available in the market with the thermo block pump, which is very important for creating cappuccino, are the Krups 968-41 Novo 2300 Plus Automatic Cappuccino Machine; the Delonghi EC140B Pump Driven Cappuccino/Espresso Maker; and Gaggia Coffee.

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