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             25 November, 2020

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Pediatric Nursing Is A Solid Career Choice

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2007-03-27 09:24:17     
Article by Neil Day

Many people choose to enter the nursing profession out of a deep-seeded desire to help fellow human beings. Many of those who do so might not realize the many specialties this field has to offer. Each one is important, and each comes with its own set of qualifications. One of these specialties is pediatric nursing.

While it might seem pediatric nursing is a walk in the park, the reality is this particular specialty can be one of the most difficult to work in. It's true there are the rewards of helping sick children feel better, but not every day has a happy ending. With this in mind, let's look at some of the qualifications a pediatric nurse might require:

* Nursing degree, specialty in some cases. Since pediatric nursing isn't exactly like handling adult patients, some hospitals might require nurses to undergo specialty classes to work in conjunction with young patients. Medication dosing, treatments and so on can vary greatly for youngsters versus adults.

* Compassion. While compassion is a must in all areas of nursing, it really is required in pediatric nursing. Dealing with small patients and their families can be particularly difficult, so compassion and patience will be key.

* Firm attitude. It's one thing to be warm and loving, but in pediatric nursing, a firm attitude is also required. Caving into young patients and not requiring them to do what's necessary for their treatments doesn't help anyone.

* Stiff upper lip. Some pediatric nursing sub-specialties, such as oncology, involve a lot of loss. While it can be very rewarding to care for and nurse young patients back to health, these nurses sometimes have to say goodbye to their patients for good. When this happens, professionalism and compassion will be key, and so too will an ability to get back to helping other patients with tender, loving care.

* Ability to work with kids. Children are very perceptive little creations. They know when a person isn't comfortable working around them. If you're not, pediatric nursing might not be for you. Young patients deserve compassion, care and respect, just like older ones.

Pediatric nursing can be one of the most rewarding specialties available, but it's not necessarily the easiest one to pursue. Those who shine at it are nurses who can deliver care and compassion to the youngest of patients without losing sight of the job that needs to be done. With this in mind, it's a very good idea to carefully weigh up pediatric nursing before trying to take the plunge.

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