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             26 October, 2020

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Becoming One With Your Motorcycle, Vehicle, Aircraft, Machine or Space Ship

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2006-07-05 21:03:25     
Article by Lance Winslow

Have you ever strapped yourself into a racecar or tightened up every muscle in your body on a high-performance race bike motorcycle? What if your body became one with the machine and your hands connected themselves physically to the machine? Your body organic became one with the inert structure?

What if your vibrational energy in your body sent messages from your nerves to the nano-tech construction, which sensed ever twitch and move, anticipating them from brain waves and nerve firings; could that be possible; too Sci Fi for you? Well, lets enter the future for a moment shall we? This recently became a topic of conversation with a couple of think tank folks, when Swift from Las Vegas stated;

"An interrelatedness would make driving a lot more fun and I would think it would also make it a lot safer in a comprehension of movement sort of way."

Sure why not driving at the speed of thought. Cut down on reaction time, good for evading enemy missiles in aircraft or dog fighting, good for efficiency and fluidity of motion. Now that is ALWAYS a good thing. I completely concur.

Swift then stated; "Driving a machine seems like of a limited experience as opposed to being one with the machine."

I can tell you in my life I have been one with the running track in competition, one with a motorcycle in racing, one with a jet ski and surfboard on the water, one with an aircraft flying. Sure, I was not connected yet, but in a sense we are connected to everything anyway. I mean waves of energy, light, trading electrons, etc.

So, being one with machine is simple enough. You could have a portal inside your skin or a set of cords to attach, which were 100 percent organic and attach them to sensors or electrodes to pick up brain frequencies?

Sure human scientists, well the really sharp ones can do this now. Who will fund it becomes the problem, due to the ridiculous human religions, which clearly need to get out of the way of the forward progress of mankind. Consider all this in 2006.

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