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             27 June, 2022

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Poetry - Two Poems By Turgut Uyar - "Mostly, It's Yours" and "It Hurts"

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2007-03-19 08:24:32     
Article by Ugur Akinci

Mostly, It's Yours

by Turgut Uyar

Tell me to whom now it belongs this apple that I peel with care
You know that all I do with care now belongs to you

A man on his way to the water let's say should he tilt his shoulder
The sun, the water and the tilt of his shoulder all belong to you

You stand up, you befit your name, and you're right
The world that darkens as you know frequently belongs to you

The darkening world is an ember of fire for a new rose
The noble darkness left over from a fire's ember belongs to you

You took a past with experiments, you came and painted the new well
I know it you should know it too the first illumination belongs to you

The water that I love is the real brother of your water
The powers abandoned by your water now belong to you

Because you hold like a weapon everything that you hold
The whistle that holds everything like a warning belongs to you

It's all yours O eternal-giver whatever exists like life
Don't hold your breath, expand, the core and the shell belong to you

O the most beautiful view of a waterfall pouring over the flowers
My love, my infinity, whatever exists and does not exist in this world all belong to you.

(Translated from Turkish by Ugur Akinci)


It Hurts

by Turgut Uyar

I want to talk about unhappiness
Vertical and horizontal unhappiness
The perfect unhappiness of humankind
My love hurts

We've lived something full of mystery
And they lived that over there
Mistaking the way a mountain was bent
For its joy.

First of all, the unhappiness of course
Like a bar in a small town
The way its laughter would hit the sunshine
But would not be reflected over here
That is, the syphilis that someone's got from a fading rose
The tuberculosis that someone else got from another woman
The history of all office buildings
My love hurts.

"I pity my love" says someone
Even a child with a beautiful eye
Did not have a summer that protected.
I have no idea what should be said.
My love hurts
The ships are still passing by
The mountains will light up and darken again
And that's all.

My stance is to find a lot of things and jump with joy
Fall has arrived O sorrow
Spring has arrived O black sorrow
O you, the smartest person on earth
Sometimes in the midst of summer in broad daylight
My love hurts
No matter whom I love
Or no matter who loves me.

September has packed up its bags and left you see
October etcetera will also be gone before long
Darn big horses that sink into history
Just sink into history, that's all.

(Translated from Turkish by Ugur Akinci)

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