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Poetry - Two Poems By Turgut Uyar - "Let's Say You're Ready" and "An Evening Dream"

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2007-03-19 08:23:10     
Article by Ugur Akinci

Let's Say You're Ready

by Turgut Uyar

Let's say you're ready for a trip
"This could be his loneliness as well" says someone
Let's see, are you tough enough?
What's your weapon?
First off, asphalt and cement
All of a sudden, you'd be surrounded by water
What's more, you don't even know how to swim

"These are leftovers from childhood"
Says someone who likes to joke
"He'd be beaten anyways"
Whereas to know the name of everything that I can't comprehend
Is oppressing me a little
A nuclear power plant project, let's say
A jazz concert in Holland
I know that I'm going to die anyways
But it casts my shadow in front of me
While the sun is coming from straight ahead
I'm confused with my body

I'm used to humor actually but
I insist on the fig tree that drills through the rock
The ship that sails over the waters.

(Translated from Turkish by Uğur Akinci)


An Evening Dream

by Turgut Uyar

Now the ships are passing at a distance
My heart is sprawled all over the deck.
Illuminated nights, sounds of musical instruments, cheese and bread.
I've got neither a ticket nor any money or a friend.
My heart palpitates as I look around me...
- "Wake up Turgut love, my poor one, wake up
This is Terme."

Trucks cross the Terme bridge
Farmhands chat in groups of three to five
A night launches, half black, half red
I lit my cigarette and go back home...
- "Sail on ships, sail on
Give my regards to wherever you're heading
One day far away from all worries
I'll join you too."

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