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             21 February, 2020

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MANY MORE Actual Questions Posted on Yahoo! Answers (Part 4)

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2007-03-18 07:47:39     
Article by Jeffrey Hauser

This is quickly becoming a regular feature on my articles. So, because of the incredible response, I'm posting more outrageous questions in this series of articles. If you've never heard of Yahoo Answers, here's a quote off their FAQ page: "It's the place to ask questions and get real answers from real people. It's fun and educational because you can ask questions on any topic from the serious to the not so serious. And when you know an answer, you can help others by giving answers to their questions. It's all about sharing - what you know and what you want to know."

So now you have a general idea of what it's all about. There are kids asking homework questions, people seeking cheap advise about medical and legal issues and those with obviously way too much free time on their hands. But it's an interesting microcosm of our culture and says a lot about our society. So, as a public service and a way to kill a few minutes, I've compiled a list of some actual questions posted on the site; without any alterations of spelling, grammar, etc. I simply copy, cut, and pasted, while selecting a few from each category. So enjoy a look at what your fellow humans are asking online.

My ancestors from many years back were royalty if thats the case then why am i so poor?
I JUST pierced my nose and I was wondering how to clean it...?
Does Arabia date people of other race?
Safe to drive on a tyre I flat-spotted?
Are professors driving up the cost of college?
Can you get a picture developed from the black slips of film they give you back?
Is it ohkay to wear one pair of pants for a whole school week?
Why cant I marry a Greek girl? Are they too hairy?
Can someone translate the Shakespearean language?
Still looking to "fine" erwin e. cruz of jollibee?
Help I have a Funeral Tomorrow And I need To Dry My Clothes But I have no Money?
What can I do now that my life sucks really bad right now?
How 2 make some thing from junk??
My last question, so should i clean my carpets this weekend or get rid of all that budweiser in the fridge?
Women: Have any of you ever actually peed in a urinal? If so, how exactly do you do it?
Why is AT&T Universal Mastercard such a blood thirsty greedy, unethical company?
How to start a orca aquarium?
What is the recipe for disaster?
Ruben Caballero of Cueshé or Champ Lui Pio of Hale?
Does your milkshake bring all the boys to the yard?
Why does Dunkin Donuts extra large coffee cost $ 2.10 and WaWa's same size cost $1.46 ?
How can I get people to stop asking for autographs and tugging at my pants?
I Dropped out of school and I just wanted to know when I turn 18 will I have to get my permit?
If your parents are from colombia, what does that make you?
I have a 6 year old neutored cat that has recently started humping my other 5 year old neutored cat. Why?
Has anyone used prostitutes/escorts in ahmedabad - how much do they cost and how to get in touch with them.?
Here's the problem our tv use to show the cable signal now it won't. We know it's the tv b/c we plugged that
What should you do if you are having a meeting with a co-worker and the co-worker farts?
Urgent 1 for gay/bi men: can a man stay with his wife and get what he needs on the side?
Worshipping themselves. They say Atheists do this! Teach me, it sounds fun!?
What is the typical day for a rich person? My dog hiked on my work shoes in the bathroom, how do i get the smell out of them, before Monday they stink.?
How old do you have to be to be a Video girl or Video Vixen???
Help Plz! I need to do a FRUIT DICTIONARY!?
Arkadaslar, have you ever been in a situation when foreign people didn't even guess you were a Turk ?Tell us..
How long should my turtle be basking fore?
I does not go to school am I right ?

The last answer is, how did I know? Anyway, that's all the quotes I can stand for now. Just remember, they might have been posted by your friends, co-workers or perhaps a close relative. Now that's really scary and something to ponder...

Jeffrey Hauser was a sales consultant for the Bell System Yellow Pages for nearly 25 years. He graduated from Pratt Institute with a BFA in Advertising and has a Master's Degree in teaching. He had his own advertising agency in Scottsdale, Arizona and ran a consulting and design firm, ABC Advertising. He has authored 6 books and a novel, "Pursuit of the Phoenix."

Specialized in: Yellow Pages - Expert - Directory - Book - Create - Ads - Advetising - Learn - Consultant - Marketing - Promotion - Salesman - Effective - Inside - Save - Businesses - Companies
URL: http://www.jeffreyhauser.com
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