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The Top Ten Tips for Effective Sales Letter Writing

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2007-03-14 08:57:56     
Article by Mario D. Churchill

The global marketplace is fast becoming a real marketplace: it is growing noisier and even more crowded, with vendors all racing to sell their wares to the nearest customer, and with marketing techniques that can be clever, if not downright ridiculous. Indeed, marketing campaigns are becoming more and more hard sell, annoying customers rather than attracting them.

Despite the good efforts of advertising companies, customers are now inundated with information and saturated with images. Many companies, moreover, are employing tactics that alienate rather than attract customers. This may be due to the fact that hard sell marketing methods tend to make companies appear impersonal, when customers first need to know that they are cared for.

In other words, customers need to know that you care, before they care what you know (or want to sell). A good sales letter might accomplish such a feat. A sales letter is simply a letter showing your company's credibility, the effectiveness of your product or service, and persuasive words for the recipient to buy the product or service. Although this appears to be simple, writing an effective sales letter is easier said than done: it should be worded simply but convincingly, and it should be personal, but not intrusive.

If you want to write an effective sales letter, take note of these tips before you start writing or typing it out.

• A sales letter need not be filled with clever words, puns, or jokes. In fact, it should not employ any ridiculous tactics to attract customers. The best sales letters are in fact terse, simply worded, and free from jargon or acronyms that the prospective customer will not be able to understand.

• Address your customer directly, and by name. If you avoid addressing them as simply "Dear Sir or Madame" or "To Whom it May Concern," then you will have taken the first step in convincing them of the goodness of your company, and the greatness of your products or services. A personal address makes customers feel that they are cared for.

• A good sales letter is always worded clearly, especially when you mention how the product or service will directly benefit the recipient. If you are selling computer parts, mention how the customer needs the parts, and how important a computer is in today's society. If you are selling an encyclopedia set, mention how important reading still is, even with the Internet; mention how people always need to learn facts from a reputable source. As long as you make sure that your customers feel cared for, then you are on the right track.

• Build trust in your prospective customers. If you have testimonials from satisfied customers, or quotes from respected people in your business, then use them in your letter. Use them sparingly, however, as quotes and testimonials can make your marketing appear too aggressive.

• Maintain your company's credibility. In as few words as possible, tell the recipient something about your company. If you are selling food products, you may want to state the safety standards to which you comply, or you may want to mention awards that your products received. Again, do not overdo this portion of the sales letter, since over-praising yourself will alienate, if not annoy your sales letter recipients.

• Make your sales letter attractive. Print the letter on high quality paper with good ink. A poorly printed or produced letter will turn customers away, no matter how good your product or service is. Remember, the quality of the letter represents your company's capabilities, so invest in good printing.

• If you can, include useful tips or facts in boxes or sidebars along with the letter. If you cannot make these boxes or sidebars fit, then enclose a brochure that the prospective customer could use. For instance, if you are selling vacation packages to Europe, you can enclose a brochure on the top ten European destinations, along with a list of places to visit. Such a brochure can be attractive, and may find itself on the refrigerator door, where your name can be exhibited for all to see.

• Deliver firm instructions on what the letter recipient should do. Should they call you to buy your product? Should they email you to avail of your services? Provide your contact information, but be prepared to field calls and respond to emails.

• Include incentives with the products and services that you are offering. Studies show that customers respond to offers of gifts and discounts, so make your offers as attractive as possible.

• Have the boss sign the letter personally. This lends a personal touch to the letter, and will look better than a signature that has been printed out.

As long as you reach out to your customers and know their needs, you will make your voice heard in the crowded global marketplace. Write a good sales letter, and you can see your profits rise.

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