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Diamonds - 4 Ways To Keep Them Dazzling Clean

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2007-03-12 08:22:02     
Article by Michael Russell

Diamonds are forever. But as we go through our day-to-day activities, it is inevitable that our treasured diamond pieces get all grubby and smudged up. What we normally use on our skin as part of our skin care regimen such as soaps, lotions and even our skin's natural oils can get in the way of the gem's natural brilliance and beauty.

You think your diamond pieces are safe from grime because you are not wearing them? Think again! Even as your gems are safely tucked somewhere in your personal safe, they can collect dust which can also affect their natural luster.

You went through great lengths to purchase that diamond, or someone very dear to you gave you that stunning piece. You surely wouldn't want to show it off in its grimy condition, would you? So why not devote a little time (practically just a few minutes worth of your time) and effort to have it sparkling clean every time?

To keep your diamonds in their best condition, simply follow these suggestions:

. Soap plus water equals a brilliant diamond! In making your diamond jewelry sparkle, all you need is a little soap (or a mild detergent) and water. Simply soak your diamond pieces in a bowl of warm sudsy water then brush them carefully using a small soft brush. An excellent tip - you can use your eyebrow or lipstick brush for this purpose. After cleaning the pieces, be sure to rinse them well. To make sure that you get a thorough rinse without losing the valuable gems, use a small kitchen strainer to contain the pieces while rinsing them. Pat the jewelry pieces dry using a lint-free cloth or jewelry polish cloth and see how they shine!

. Need stronger cleansing? There are times when your diamond jewelry may need a stronger cleansing. For these occasions, you can use an ammonia solution composed of 50% water and 50% ammonia. Soak your diamond pieces in this solution for at least 30 minutes. Remove them afterwards and gently brush the mountings with a small brush. After brushing, put them again in the solution and swish them gently around. This will further remove any remaining traces of dirt in your valued pieces. Pat dry. Now, aren't they as breathtaking as the first moment you laid your eyes on them?

. No mixing for me! If you are one of those who do not have the time for going around and mixing detergents and ammonia solutions to restore the fiery brilliance in their diamond pieces, you can just use liquid jewelry cleaners. Liquid jewelry cleaners are conveniently available in most department stores in the country. As these come mostly in kits, you will have everything you need in the package so you can clean your jewelry pieces in a jiffy. Just be sure that you read the labels and the directions carefully to determine which ones are to be used for your diamond pieces.

. Time to go high-tech? With the record-breaking advancement of technology in our society, even routine jewelry cleaning has the option to go high-tech! For technology buffs, you can try the ultrasonic cleansers, which use high-frequency waves in doing their job. However, be forewarned that not all machines are created equal. Be sure to do you research first and read the instructions before trying on a specific device.

So, what is the best cleaning method for your glittering diamond piece? Only you can answer that question. After all, it is your precious gem we're talking about! Have fun in bringing out that sparkle!

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