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             06 December, 2023

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Learn To Attract More Women Into Your Life

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2007-03-10 07:20:49     
Article by Kames Cox

So you have finally decided that you want to Become A Player and start attracting more women into your life today. Well lucky you today is that day. So you can take a deep breath now. This process is a very simple one though. Not much work is involved, just be aware of what signals women are giving off whether you are talking to them or not. All you have to do is watch and observe everything around you. No not your computer screen. This part involves going outside to a busy place. It can be anywhere. Your local Town Plaza or Time Square just as long as there is women to observe and watch. WOW, hold on for a one damn second. You want me to go out and observe and take mental notes on women? Isn't that stalking? No this is a legit thing to do. All the Best Players and Alpha Males do this. So unless you are Don Juan already you are still in the learning stage. You may be wondering when you go out though what the hell are you looking for? That is a very good question I am glad you asked that.

I want you to notice whatever you notice. You do not have to follow any kind of guide lines here. This for you to have fun and enjoy. That is not to hard is it? Well I am glad you didn't think so either.

Now you know what to look for go out and do it. Bring a notebook if you would like. Anything that will help you achieves your goal. Remember there are no rules to this. You can do whatever you like to help you reach your goal of Attracting Women into your life.

Things To Look For

-How women interact with other men

-What kind of body language the give off. (We will get more into this later.)

-Observe a dominant Man over Less Dominant Ones. How they interact with their environments.

-Notice how Women interact with Dominant Men

-Notice how Women interact with Less Dominant Men (Timid, Shy, Quiet)

You will notice that a lot of women do not give the time of day to men who are shy and timid. That is normal. Who wants to be with another boring guy that does not have an exciting qualities. If you are one of those guys though don't worry. Everyone has got an exciting quality to themselves you have just got to bring it out. So quit being that guy in the background who doesn't have the job he wants or the women he deserves. Step out of your shell and experience life.

There is nothing to be scared of except fear itself when you decide to take that giant leap and take your life into your own hands. Enjoy life, become what you want to become, attract what you want to attract and most of all have fun doing it.

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