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             02 October, 2023

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Inspiration: The In-Between Time

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2007-03-07 06:49:18     
Article by Jason Osborn

Are you in the in-between time? Let me explain.

In the life of every person there are basically three phases: The inspiration, the success, and of course the in-between. The inspiration phase is very common. This is the phase were you come up with a great idea, plan, goal, resolution, business idea... you get my point?

However, success isn't nearly as common. Success is the phase where you see the inspiration come to pass. So why is this? It's because of the phase of life I like to call 'the in-between'. The in-between is where the work, sweat, tears, obstacles, and seemingly impossible circumstances take place.

The in-between time is, of course, the hardest. It's where you no longer feel the strong sense of inspiration that you did in the beginning. It's where you find yourself questioning whether or not you are capable of achieving success. It's where the process takes place to mold you into a person of success.

The sad thing is that most people don't finish out the in-between time. They become discouraged because success can feel so far away. But you must remember that all great things that have been done, and all successful people, must go through this in-between time. This is where you grow into a person who is qualified to handle true success. Many times, this is where you find your true self.

Most people aren't ready to make the changes in their lives that are necessary to go through this process. The person you were in the inspiration phase won't be the same person that emerges in the success phase. In the success phase, you will have developed a success mentality and acquired skills and attributes that successful people have. Everyone wants success but not everyone is willing to go through the in-between time.

If you are going through the in-between time right now, DON'T give up. This is the phase of your life where your greatness is unleashed and it's what makes success even sweeter.

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